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Etihad Giving Free Tickets To Milan Expo [For Gold and Platinum Members]

Written by Charlie

Airlines and hotels send out a lot of e-mail and most of it is not really something that we spend a lot of time on. But, this morning I received an e-mail from Etihad with an interesting perk – a free ticket to the Milan Expo and a discount code for 25% off up to 4 additional tickets. This offer is only available to Etihad’s Gold and Platinum members.

Etihad Giving Free Tickets To Milan Expo [For Gold and Platinum Members]


Get your free ticket to the Milan Expo

Now, why should this concern US-based flyers? Well, over the last couple of years, Etihad has been offering status matches to Gold using other programs’ elite statuses. I received my Gold status last year as a result of matching my Aegean Gold to it (and that is the reason I am eligible for this offer). I know that many others had similarily signed up for this status match so make sure you check your e-mail.

Getting The Free Code

The free ticket is only available if you use the custom code that is sent to the e-mail address on your Etihad account. In the e-mail, you will receive a code for the free ticket and another code for your discount ticket.

Value Of The Ticket – And Lounge Access

Since a ticket to the Milan Expo costs €39, this is a pretty generous offer – especially since there are many Etihad Gold members that have never even flown one flight on the airline! 🙂 If you plan on going to the Milan Expo, this is a nice way to get a free ticket. In addition, you will also have complimentary access to their Premium Lounge at the Expo and their all-day buffet. Definitely hit the lounge if you are going to the expo and let me know how it was!

What To Search For

If you are a Gold or Platinum member with Etihad, search your e-mail for Exclusively for our Platinum and Gold Members and that will bring up the e-mail. If you are a Gold/Platinum member and did not receive the e-mail, give them a call since this is not targeted to certain members but available to all Gold/Platinum members. The website where you will enter the code is here.

Going And Need A Code?

I am not sure if the ticket will be tied to the member’s number/name and if they need to provide the card, but if you are planning on going to the Expo and would like my ticket, leave a comment and I will figure out if that is doable.

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  • Hi,

    I’m interested in your ticket if you won’t use it. I’ll be going to the expo!


  • I definitely interested in the expo ticket as my family is heading out to Milan in early October. I’m excited to check out the expo and even catch Inter or Milan match 🙂 thanks for the consideration.


  • Hi Charlie,

    I would love the ticket! I can go on June 1st and make sure to take a few good pictures of the premier lounge for your blog in return!


  • My daughter and her soon to be husband will be going in early September for their honeymoon. It would be wonderful to have this gift.

  • My wife and I just landed in London, off to Milan in 3 days for the expo! Love your blog. I’m silver on united and gold on aa, but have no status with Etihad.

    Best, joe

  • Headed to Milan tomorrow 🙂
    Btw, emirates offers a small discount to ANYONE who buys a ticket through them — promo link is on their website.

  • Wow, I had not realized there would be quite a bit of interest in the code! So, I did a random drawing and Lydnon was the winner of the free code! I also did a drawing for the 25% and that was won by GuestA. I will be in touch with both of you. Thanks!

  • Hi,

    As a Etihad Guest Gold member, I also received the voucher for the free ticket back in May. I wanted to use it for the free ticket today, but it didn’t work – I only got offered different tickets for purchase.
    Would be interested to hear from others whether the voucher worked for them, and how did they exchange the voucher for the free ticket ?