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BLADE Now Offers All-Day Helicopter Transfers Between JFK – Manhattan for $195

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Written by Charlie

If you want to get to Manhattan from JFK in 5 minutes, now you can for $195 with BLADE’s all-day helicopter transfer program. With Uber costing quite a bit for this route, this may look appealing to many of you!

If you are like me, you take either the subway or the LIRR from JFK to midtown Manhattan. Those are the cheapest ways to go and, taking the LIRR, it doesn’t take a really long time.

BLADE Now Offers All-Day Helicopter Transfers Between JFK and Manhattan for $195

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But, if you are one of those people who brave the NYC traffic in an Uber or some other car service, then you may be interested to know that Blade now offers all day helicopter transfers between JFK and Manhattan. The cost? $195 for a 5 minute helicopter ride and transfer!

Better Than Uber?

The cheapest Uber, Uber Pool, could cost you over $60 for this trip and quite a bit of your time (Uber used to have a flat $60 option but not anymore so it could cost more than $60). If you want to elevate the ride a bit, it will cost you about $120 for Uber Black. Sure, you can pile more people in but if it is just you, you could cut a ton of time with the new Blade transfer option for between $135 and $75 more.

What is BLADE?

First of all, Blade is simply the company that handles all of this for you. They actually don’t fly the helicopter rides, they use other companies for that. But, they are well-liked by many of their customers (I have not used them – yet!) for what they do provide.

For flights between 7am and 7 pm, you can now book a BLADE chopper to line up with your flight. They will pick you up at your terminal and take you to the JFK helipad before embarking on the 5 minute journey to the 30th St. Heliport in Manhattan. All of that will cost you $195 for a one-way transfer.

Here is a look at their schedule from today (March 26) for flights from JFK.

BLADE helicopter

But, do be aware of one major thing – there is a 20lb weight restriction for you bags! That means if you are traveling light, you are good to go. If you are having more than that, time to check out something different (or find another way to transport your luggage).

Transfers like this are a nice way to get around quickly if you have a limited-time window. Until the next time I have such a window, I will keep using the LIRR. Still, that is one great way to quickly get to the city – and check it out from the air on your way!

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