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Apple Pay Person-to-Person Payments Are Live – And This Could Be Good!

Written by Charlie

Apple Pay Person-to-Person is live! Find out what you need to know and how it could help us earn more rewards.

Back in June, Apple announced that they would be bringing person-to-person payments to Apple Pay using iMessage – so, only Apple devices.

Apple Pay Person-to-Person Payments Are Live

How to Use Apple Pay Person-to-Person

Now, with the release of iOS 11.2 public beta, these payments are now live. There is a charge for credit card payments but it still may work out.

Here are the details:

  • Both people using Apple Pay person-to-person must be on iOS 11.2
  • Debit cards are free
  • Credit cards are at a 3% fee
  • Payments go to the Apple Cash card (backed by Green Dot) and can be used online, through Apple Pay, or deposited into a bank account

Ok, so with a 3% fee, how can this be good?

Bonus Points for Mobile Wallet Payments

This is just brand new today so it will take a little bit to see how this could develop. But, we are at a point where banks are fighting for that online/mobile wallet space.

Chase just finished up their promo on extra bonus points when using things like Apple Pay (it actually ended just 3 days ago). I think we will likely see that come around again, if not as a permanent feature, as a bonus cycle. I think Chase wanted to see what kind of data they were getting with people’s use cases.

Points with Altitude Reserve

But, the US Bank Altitude Reserve issues 3 points per dollar for things like Apple Pay! So what, you come out even, right? Not necessarily! Here is how this could be good:

Altitude Reserve points are worth 1.5 cents towards travel through their travel portal. That means you are actually getting 4.5 cents in value from Apple Pay uses.

So, if you sent $1,000 to someone, you would pay a fee of $30. But, you would also earn 3,000 reward points good for $45 towards travel – so, paying $30 to get $45 in travel. While you are coming out a little ahead, there is another reason this is good.

With Altitude Reserve travel bookings, you need to have all the points for the booking in your account. With this new Apple Pay system, you could send money to a friend and earn points that could go towards that award you need – instead of spending $3 per 1,000 points!

This could be a nice way to top up your account – and earn a little in value while you are at it.


It is nice and convenient to have Apple Pay for iMessage here but it will still be a few months, I would guess, before we see if there is a beneficial way that all of us can get some value out of using it as well!

Let me know if you have other ideas that may work!

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