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One Airline’s Cool Promo for the Athens Marathon This Weekend

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Written by Charlie

Many runners could earn 2 free airline tickets when they cross the finish line of the Athens Marathon! Check out this cool promo and what it will entail to win.

I really like it when airlines offer something interesting for marathon runners. After all, many marathons have people flying in from all around and getting a little nod to a rush of customers is a smart move by an airline. Aegean has been an airline that has offered many such promos and this is a really cool one for the Athens Marathon!

Aegean’s Cool Promo for the Athens Marathon

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Link: Aegean Promo for Athens Marathon

The authentic Athens Marathon takes place this Sunday, November 12. It will be the 35th running of this marathon on the original Athens course. If you are running it, here is a cool promo you should sign up for.

If you are running it, you need to sign-up through the link above by Thursday, November 9. See the link for the terms and details.

2 Free Tickets For Some Runners, According to Arrival Times

Here is what Aegean says:

…on Sunday 12th November, the date of the 35th “Marathon of Athens”, we will be dedicating each and every one of our flights’ arrival to the marathon runners.

It works like this. If an authentic course marathon runner crosses the finish line at the Panathenaic Stadium at the exact same time as one of our flights arrives, whether that is in Greece or abroad, that runner will win tickets for two, absolutely anywhere in our network!

That’s right, any runner who passes the finish line at the same time any Aegean plane arrives throughout their network will win 2 tickets anywhere Aegean flies!

This can be quite a valuable prize! Aegean has a rapidly expanding network and includes flights up to Sweden, to the UK, to Moscow, to Tel Aviv, to Cairo, and dozens of cities in between.

I am not running it but if I was, I think I would have my smartphone open to track the planes that are due to arrive and wait at the side until one was about to arrive. 🙂

The official time will be according to the arrival time as noted on this page. If you want, you could check on various arrivals for the typical Sunday to see what approximate times may be near your anticipated finish time.

If you are running Sunday, let us know if you win any tickets! Hopefully, they will run this promo again next year!

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