An Unbelievable Marathon Run in a Stunning Place

The story of a man who ran the London Marathon – but very far from London! He ran this unbelievable marathon and claimed a record that places him in a whole different category!

Last year, I ran 6 solo marathons on 6 continents in under 5 days. Some people had asked what it felt like to run marathons around the world. Well, I actually didn’t run around the world but I did travel around it to run! This particular marathon was run this past Sunday and the sole participant can say he ran around the world – twice!

An Unbelievable Marathon Run

While the London Marathon is, of course, run in London, it had a participant this past Sunday that took the London Marathon to new heights. Tim Peake is a British astronaut onboard the International Space Station and he ran the London Marathon as a virtual runner. While not the first person to run the marathon distance in space, he is now the fastest. He completed his version of the London Marathon in 3:35:21.

He said the most difficult thing about the marathon run was the shoulder straps he had to wear to keep himself from bouncing around. While his legs felt good, his shoulders were actually sore which made him run faster to get done sooner.

While he ran the marathon, the craft he was in traveled 60,000 miles! You can read all about this incredible effort on a blog post he wrote here. Well done, Tim! Also, well done to all of those that ran the London Marathon on the ground! 🙂

HT: Tim Peake’s Blog

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