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Daily Getaway: Loews Hotels On Discount & What May Be The Best Option

Daily Getaway
Written by Charlie

Today’s Daily Getaway is for getting Loews Hotels and Resorts at a discount. Find out what is available and what may be the best options!

Today’s Daily Getaway deal is somewhat more restricted than other hotel Daily Getaway deals. That is because it is 6 packages for Loews hotels and resorts that would allow you to choose from about a total of 25 locations (depending on the package). So, is it worth it?

Loews Hotels On Discount

Daily Getaway

Like other Daily Getaway deals, this will go live at 1PM ET here at this link.

Here are the 6 packages up for sale today (along with the prices, including what they value it worth)

The ones that have more available are the ones that can be used at your pick of select hotels. The Four Diamond package is for 1 of 5 resorts around the US with the Luxury Loews package being at 1 of 15 hotels around the US. Those are also the cheapest.

Best Options?

I know Loews Hotels and Resorts are very expensive and upscale, but I personally would not pay the sale price for the location based properties. But, I am not everyone! If it is a special event or you were going to be going to one of those cities already, it could make a really nice getaway even nicer. The most expensive package, the Loews San Francisco, looks absolutely stunning and breaks down to $650 per night.

The cheapest packages, in my opinion, give the best options for most. Not only are there more available (but likely to go faster than the others because the others are location dependent) but the cost is much less. I could definitely see myself paying around $150 per night and getting to pick the hotel that works best for my travel plans. If you want some good hotel value and you were wanting to stay at a Loews hotel at some point, I would probably opt for one of the cheaper packages.

You can click on the link for those packages to see which destinations the package is for and any details you need to be aware of.

Are you going for one of the Loews packages today? Have you stayed at a Loews before? If so, what did you think of it?

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