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An Airplane Made an Emergency Landing Due to … Body Odor

Written by Charlie

Yesterday, a flight had to make an emergency landing as a result of many people feeling sick. The cause? It was a passenger with severe body odor. Here is the story of the stench.

When you travel around the world, you will certainly end up near someone at some point that makes you want to cover your face for fear of gagging. I don’t mean just international destinations – this has happened to me in New York City as well. Sometimes it may be medical conditions but most of the time it is due to horrible body odor as a result of not washing regularly.

An Airplane Made an Emergency Landing Due to… Body Odor

The flight route with the diversion for the Transavia flight | Courtesy of GCMap

Yesterday, body odor forced a Transavia plane from Amsterdam to GrandCanaria to make an emergency landing in Portugal. A man who was described as “unwashed” apparently had body odor so bad that people were reportedly began to vomit and even faint.

I have to say, I have had some unpleasant seatmates but this must have been very bad. I cannot imagine how bad it was for people to faint from the smell.

How Bad Was It?

According to reports, the flight attendants actually had to try and contain the odor-causing passenger in a bathroom for the before the decision was made to divert. That is serious!

What Was the Cost?

Flight diversions are not cheap so I can only imagine that the situation was so bad that Transavia felt they had no choice but to divert. If it was willful bodily neglect for some reasons (believe it or not, I have met people that prefer not to bathe), this was a shame to cause the airline to put out this money and for the passengers to be so extremely inconvenienced. If it was a health-related cause, I sincerely hope this gentleman is able to find some assistance.

This was Transavia’s statement to the Express“The aeroplane diverted because of medical reasons, but it is indeed right that he smelled quite a bit.”

Want another surprise? This is not the first time – even this year – that Transavia has had a problem like this! Apparently, in February, they had to land due to a passenger that just kept passing gas. 🙂

Source: Express

Featured image courtesy of Transavia

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  • This is just sad all around. Sad for the passengers affected. And sad that that person had something going on in their body that caused so much suffering.