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Amazon Prime Is Preparing for One-Day Shipping As Default

Written by Charlie

Amazon Prime is getting ready to give one-day shipping as the default. This move is costing Amazon $800 million to make but it means that you can have your stuff the next day!

In case getting something in two days with Amazon Prime was too slow, Amazon Prime is moving forward to make sure you get your item the next day. This was revealed by Amazon yesterday and is costing hundreds of millions of dollars as they put the pieces in place to make this happen.

Amazon Prime is Moving to One-Day Shipping

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Amazon raised the price of Prime last year to the current price of $119 for a year. While they include many benefits into that membership (like Prime Video and more), the big thing for many has continued to be the two-day free shipping. While next day delivery has been available for many items, it has required a fee which started at $2.99 per item and can cost as much as $9.99.

A few months ago, Amazon started making free one-day shipping available in more places around the US with some areas even having same-day delivery on many items. I was visiting in Arizona last year and that same-day shipping saved me when I needed something quickly for a trip and no one local carried it. I placed the order and, bam, I had it in my hand about 5 hours later!

Soon, Amazon will launch one-day shipping for Prime members around the US. This will take up to one year but they will be rolling it out as they get the network setup around the country. This will be aided by their own delivery service which is already used for a huge amount of deliveries around the US.

This move to Amazon Prime One-Day Shipping will be great for many, but especially travelers! How many times have you been preparing for a trip and then found you needed to pick up some things before you fly out? Chances are you are busy with many things and running to store doesn’t always work. This new Amazon Prime delivery scheme will work great for this!

Let’s just hope they don’t use this as a reason to up the Prime fee again, though I think the increased fee last year had this move partially in mind.

Source: CNET

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