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Deal Alert: Latest Apple AirPods for $139 (Lowest Price Yet)

Written by Charlie

If you want a nice deal on the latest and greatest Apple AirPods, you can get them right now for their lowest price ever of $139. That is a $20 discount from even the old models!

Apple seems to love creating items that identify an individual as an Apple device owner. 🙂 They have certainly done this with the Apple AirPods! Just walk around a large city (like NYC!) and you will see these little white sticks coming out of people’s ears everywhere!

Deal Alert: Latest Apple AirPods for $139

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However, it is not just the Apple brand that makes them so desired. It is also the fact that they exist with the Apple thought of they “just work.” Once you pair them, you can use them with any Apple device that you are are signed in to the same Apple ID with – seamlessly.

Unlike the wired EarPods, AirPods stay in my ears very nicely when I am working out and, especially, running. I never was able to get the EarPods to stay in my ears when I was even walking but the AirPods stay in just fine.

Using Them for Running?

One thing to note – while Apple says these are great for exercise, be aware that they are not really sealed against a lot of sweat and corrosion that can develop as a result. I lost one side because of that and since moved to the Bose SoundSport Free for running.

Great for Travel and Everyday Use

Still, I love my Apple AirPods for travel and everyday use – and I do wear them every single day. With the 2019 models, Apple upgraded some small things with them but they are largely the same as before. Since they have the same retail price as the originals ($159), there is no reason to purchase the older models anymore.

There is even less of a reason now that Amazon has discounted the latest Apple AirPods $20 to the lowest price yet – for any AirPods – of $139! No telling how long this price will hold so if you are interested, I would move soon. If you want the wireless charging case for your existing AirPods, that is on sale as well for $69.

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