Amazon Deals: $67 Prime For New Members & Apple Lightning Cables

Amazon Prime
Written by Charlie

Here is a little roundup of Amazon deals including the $67 prime for new members.

Today, Amazon has a great deal for new Prime customers. The normal price is $99, but for today only, you can get 1 year’s worth of Amazon Prime for only $67.

Amazon Deals

$67 Prime For New Members

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime For $67 Link

I value Amazon Prime quite a bit, even being out of the US. What started has free shipping (which is still a great deal) has blossomed into being much more and we get a lot of value out of all of it. To be able to pay $67 for your first year of Prime is even better than their older price of $79 and certainly much better than their new price of $99.

It also includes the Kindle Lending Library, Amazon Prime Instant Video (an online video library similar to Netflix), earlier access to Amazon deals, free access to over a million songs, and free unlimited photo storage! In addition, you can share it with 4 family members (at different addresses) who can also take advantage of the free shipping benefits – but no free video, etc.

Unfortunately, it is not available for current members and not available as a gift subscription that you can add on to your account later. This could actually be a good deal even for current subscribers if your subscription ends shortly. That is because you could simply use another account.

Amazon Prime Deal Alternative For Current Subscribers

If you already have Amazon Prime and still want a deal, you could still buy the Amazon Fire phone. The price for that phone has been as low as $110 and that comes with 1 year of Amazon Prime (plus a smartphone). The phone by itself has been selling for between $79 – $100 without Prime. So, you could buy the phone for $130 or so, flip the phone for $70 after fees and only have paid $60 for Amazon Prime!

Plus, this Amazon Prime stacks. It works when you register the phone to your account and continues to add the Prime membership on your account.

Apple Lightning Cables

3 Pack of Apple Lightning Cables – $24

This is one that I would have not made a post about, but thought it a good enough deal to wrap into this post. If you are like me, you are always in need of Apple Lightning cables for your iPhone or iPads. We have the ones attached to our chargers, but I also like to carry one with me to connect with my MacBook on the road. If I had more, I would also keep one in my carry-on so I would not ever be in need of them.

This particular deal is for a 3-pack of the Lightning cables and they are made by Apple. They are delivered in bulk packaging but are otherwise the same ones you would get buying directly from Apple $19 (it is the 1 meter cable) and you get 3 of them for $24 today from Amazon.

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