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An Easy Way To See If You Are Targeted For The IHG 80,000 Point Offer

The IHG 80,000 point offer is one of the best hotel card offers around – except it has not been around publicly for some time. Here is a quick simple way to see if you have been targeted for this offer.

The best hotel credit card offer over the last several years, simply because of the wonderful IHG Pointbreak hotels, has been the IHG 80K offer. Since Pointbreak hotels cost only 5,000 points per night, it is possible to get 16 free nights from the IHG 80K offer! However, that public link vanished earlier this year but has floated around since then in a targeted form.

An Easy Way To See If You Are Targeted For The IHG 80,000 Point Offer

80,000 point IHG offer

You may be targeted for the 80,000 point IHG offer and not even know it!

However, it seems that the targeted profile seems to be expanding as some of the accounts that I have access to have been receiving the offer on the IHG account. The current public offer is for 60,000 points, so the 80,000 point offer would be much better. But, if targeted for it, the 80,000 IHG offer with $50 statement credit is obviously better (but more rare).

The interesting thing is that the link that delivers the targeted 80,000 point IHG offer will work for certain customers when logged in to their IHG account, even when the 60,000 point offer was displayed for them. Now, this did not happen for everyone that I tried it with but did turn a couple of accounts from a 60,000 point offer to the much better 80,000 point offer. Since the actual link polls Chase for validation as being targeted, I am not sure if there is just some lag between a wider rollout or what but it did work.

So, here is how you can check to see if you are targeted, and, if so, to go ahead and apply for the much better 80,000 point offer. Remember, just seeing the landing page for the 80,000 point offer is not enough – you have to click Apply to see if it brings you to the application!

What To Do

  • Go To IHG
  • Login to your account
  • Open a separate tab in your browser
  • Post this link –

That link will only work to give you the offer if you are logged in to your account and it has been targeted for it. If you are targeted, when you click Apply, it will prepopulate your application with the information from your IHG profile.

If you are not targeted, it will take you to the public 60K offer. But, don’t forget to check back again at some point as you may find that you have been targeted! There is an even better offer out for 80,000 points and a $50 statement credit which some have seen when making reservations (I have not had that happen even though I try that quite often!). In case that is also a targeted offer tied to various accounts, you can try to check that offer too after you are logged in – the link is

While it is a simple thing – to login and use a different tab – it is the one thing that can tell you right away if you are targeted or not. Simply clicking on the link above will not bring you to the application (though it will show you the landing page).

Did you get targeted? For which offer was your account targeted?


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