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Aegean Now Makes It Easier to Keep Status for New Parents

Written by Charlie

If you are a new parent and have status with Aegean, Aegean now makes it easier for you with the ability to “freeze” your status while you spend time with your newborn! Check out the details and what you need to do.

Joining some other airlines that make it easier for new parents, Aegean announced that they are allowing status to be extended for new parents. This is especially great with Aegean since their status is relatively easy to retain but quite a bit harder to earn – so it isn’t a status you want to try to earn back after losing it!

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Aegean Now Makes it Easier to Keep Status for New Parents

Aegean already has a special page for families traveling on their airline to help them with the whole travel process. Now, they are making another step to help families that have welcomed a new one to their family.

Link: Aegean’s New Status Hold for New Parents

Here are the details of the Aegean’s new status hold for new parents. Note that it is valid for one year and you can continue to use your elite benefits during that time. Also, remember that Aegean does not go off of a regular calendar renewal for status and that it is different for everyone (check your elite account dashboard for your renewal date). Many of us that were in the program before the overhaul a couple of years ago have an expiration date of November 23.

Who is eligible
  • Silver and Gold members
  • Provided either to the mother or the father of own child
  • Entitled to apply once for each child, as soon as the child is born and up until the child reaches one year
How to apply

Apply through the contact form at aegeanair.com/contact, choose ”Email”. When you fill in the request form, on the Category, select the Miles+Bonus “My Status” category in order to fill in your personal details (Miles+Bonus Member ID and Full name) and attach the required proof documents:

  • Mother: Birth Certificate
  • Father: Birth Certificate and Paternity Leave proof

Apply here

The system in Greece is very friendly for new parents and families as a whole so it is nice to see that they extend this benefit for new fathers as well, though it does require proof of paternity leave.

If you want to dig into the terms and conditions, check out this page here.

Featured image courtesy of Aegean Airlines

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