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Wow! Cathay Pacific Says “Welcome” Aboard on Super Cheap First Class and Business Class Tickets

Written by Charlie

Great news for all those who bought the super cheap first class and business class tickets with Cathay Pacific! They are ready to welcome you aboard and you are good to go!

Two days ago, there was an amazing deal available with the legendary Cathay Pacific. For flights departing from Vietnam to the US, you could fly business class (round trip) for under $700 and their awesome first class for under $1,000!

Cathay Pacific Will Honor First Class and Business Class Mistake Tickets

A lot of people got in on this before Cathay Pacific took the very drastic move of removing all inventory for business and first class while they handled this “special” deal. This had the potential of costing Cathay Pacific a ton of money since they can often sell those first class seats for around $20,000.

I saw it pop up at One Mile at a Time Monday. It was a fantastic deal but with the origination in Vietnam, it wasn’t something that I wanted to take advantage of (nothing against Vietnam and I would love to visit but did not have holes in my schedule to jump on it).

You can read about the deal here from OMaaT but also make sure you read this post from Rapid Travel Chai if you plan quick turnarounds in Vietnam.

Anyway, the word was that Cathay Pacific management would be meeting this morning to decide what to do with this mistake. They were clear to cancel the tickets under both US and Hong Kong rules and many thought they would, or at least downgrade first class tickets to business class.

On the other hand, Cathay Pacific had the security breach last year that cost them a lot of good will. Some thought that Cathay Pacific couldn’t afford to not honor this mistake in light of that.

Here was what Cathay Pacific had to say about this mistake and honoring it:

Congrats to all those who got in on it and big kudos to Cathay Pacific for taking this fantastic move! Yes, it was a mistake, but they acknowledged that and still are allowing those tickets to fly. I flew their first class a few years ago and absolutely loved it!

For those flying on this deal, please make sure you go out of your way to be the best customer around! 🙂 This was a move that is going to really cost Cathay Pacific and showing extreme kindness to every Cathay Pacific along the way can be a great gesture of acknowledgment of that kindness.

Featured image courtesy of Cathay Pacific

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  • Didn’t Hong Kong Airlines have a big mistake fare they honored back in August? Somehow the fact that Cathay is HK based is making me think this was an intentional mistake for a bit of (not-quite-free) positive PR. 🙂