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Aegean Airlines Extends Elite Status for 6 Months

Written by Charlie

Aegean Airlines has extended their elite status for members by 6 months. This will help members hit their requirements when air travel gets back to normal.

Aegean Airlines is the most recent airline to offer relief for their elite members in light of the air travel shutdown in the wake of COVID-19. If you are an Aegean Airlines Miles+Bonus elite member, this will help you out a little bit.

Aegean Airlines Miles+Bonus Elite Status Extended

Link: Aegean Airlines Miles+Bonus Elite Status

This is good news for Aegean Airlines elite members since the Miles+Bonus program operates on a rolling 12 month elite calendar. Rather than having all members have a cut-off date for status at December 31, Aegean has status expire 12 months after earning it. The only exception is for the members who had elite status prior to the new program rules a few years ago. For them (like myself), elite status expires November 23 each year.

Now, Aegean is extending the elite status of all members for 6 months from the time of expiration, starting from March 31, 2020. Here is what Aegean says:

  • For all the Silver and Gold members of our Miles+Bonus loyalty program whose tier expires from 31/03/2020, their tier will be extended for 6 months. Every member will have 18 months available – instead of 12 – in order to reach the rules, needed for their tier retain.
    If, for example, a Silver or Gold member’s tier expires on 30/11/2020, the new tier expiration date will be on 30/05/2021. Therefore, the period for the member to meet the criteria for tier retain will be 18 months, and specifically from 31/11/2019 until 29/05/2021.
  • For all the Silver and Gold members who have already accrued the requested number of miles for their tier retain, their tier is secured for 12 months post the extended tier expiration date.
    For example, a Silver or Gold member, whose tier expires on 30/11/2020 and is extended for 30/05/2021 and has accrued the requested number of miles for tier retain, his tier is secured until 30/05/2022.
  • For all Silver and Gold members that have already secured their tier up until 2022, no extension of tier duration will take place.

I was to have re-qualified for my Aegean Gold status this past month so I am a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to lock that up. It would have meant that my status would have not expired until November 23, 2022. As it is, I now have until

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