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A New Aeroplan Transfer Bonus – Earn 30% (Or 35%) Bonus On Transferred Hotel Points

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Written by Charlie

There is a new Aeroplan transfer bonus that lets you take hotel points and get more airline miles. Look at it this way – trade sleeping in a hotel for sleeping in a bed in the sky for fewer points!

‘Tis the season for the Aeroplan hotel transfer bonus and, while it is not as great (SPG/Marriott packages) as it once was, there is still some nice value to have here if you want more Aeroplan miles for a redemption.

Edit: Many people, myself included, have been targeted for a 35% transfer bonus so check your e-mail!

New Aeroplan Transfer Bonus

aeroplan transfer bonus


Link: Aeroplan Transfer Bonus

Aeroplan Transfer Bonus Details:

  • Bonus offer valid only on conversions received made until April 22, 2019 (23:59 EDT).
  • Bonus Aeroplan Miles will be issued by Aeroplan as follows: once the total Aeroplan Miles are earned by exchanging points from any combination of eligible partner programs during the promotion, the bonus miles deposited will represent 30% of the total miles earned from the exchange.
  • Bonus Aeroplan Miles may take up to 4-6 weeks to be credited after the promotional offer end date of April 22, 2019.
  • The total amount of miles received from the conversion of hotel loyalty program points into Aeroplan miles must be greater than or equal to 5,000 Aeroplan Miles in order to be eligible to receive the 30% bonus.

aeroplan transfer bonus



Aeroplan is offering a boost of 30% on the points transferred over. This works with the following hotel programs:

  • Marriott
  • Hilton
  • Club Carlson
  • Best Western
  • Wyndham Rewards
  • COAST Hotels
  • Choice Hotels
  • Le Club Accor Hotels
  • Shrangi-La Hotels
  • Radisson (Aeroplan says they that you will get an extra 30% bonus – for a total of 60% – on these transfers but this is quite a bit less from the 100% last year)
Forget Maximizing Through Marriott Packages

Rather than do what Aeroplan has done in the past of excluding those packages from giving bonuses, they have this to say since last year – Please note that some hotel loyalty programs have hotel and flight redemption packages where Aeroplan Miles are issued. It is at the discretion of each Hotel Program if these miles are deemed a conversion of points to miles or simply a bonus earned for the redemption. In other words, Aeroplan is putting it on Marriott to decide if they want to allow those points transferred over from packages to be eligible for the bonus.

So, heading over to Marriott, we see this language – Travel Packages are excluded from airline partner conversion bonus campaigns. Big disappointment since these were great ways to capitalize on these bonuses.

Good Deal?

However, transferring 60,000 Marriott points for 32,500 Aeroplan miles with this promotion is still not a bad deal! This can be especially true since people have been having so many headaches with Marriott since the launch of the new Bonvoy program. If you would rather experience premium airline cabins than use Marriott points for their hotels, this could be a good time to transfer those points over.

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