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A Great Time To Get The JetBlue Amex Card

JetBlue Amex
Written by Charlie

I have received numerous e-mails from JetBlue over the last year or so as they kept trying to convince me that I really need those 20,000 TrueBlue points! I have actually never taken the plunge because my concentration on the American Express front has been concentrated on airlines that I use far more than JetBlue. But, this could be a good time to get the JetBlue Amex card.

I really, really like flying on JetBlue. The seats are comfortable, the satellite TV is a nice distraction, and the blue chips are great! 🙂 I know there are many people who took up JetBlue on their offer earlier this year to match status from other carriers so hopefully you have had a chance to experience what it is like to fly as a Mosaic member. Also, they had a recent promo with Amex’s Membership Reward points to give a bonus on points transferred (it made the ratio worth 1:1).

Why Is Now A Good Time To Get the JetBlue Amex Card?

Application Link – JetBlue Amex card – 20,000 TrueBlue points after spending $1,000 in 90 days – $40 Annual Fee (waived the first year) (not an affiliate link)

JetBlue Amex

While those things are nice, they are hardly a reason to apply for the JetBlue card, so why do I think it is finally a good time to get the JetBlue Amex card?

The news started making its way around last week that JetBlue is in talks to drop Amex as a credit card partner. Their contract with Amex does run through 2015 but they are said to be taking offers from other banks and networks for a new partner. Amex could possibly be one of those submitting offers as well so it very well may stay the same as it is now (as far as them being partners).

JetBlue AmexBut, earlier this year, American Express instituted a new rule that said one bonus per lifetime for consumer cards from American Express. That means that you can only get a bonus once per card (as thing stand now). With news that JetBlue may switch to a different bank, that means you can take advantage of this JetBlue offer now and still be in a position to get the card (and another bonus) if they move to a new partner.

Not only that, but when the card comes up for renewal next year ($40 annual fee), you may have some latitude if the announcement of an impending move has been made as Amex will not want to lose those JetBlue customers. That could translate to a generous retention offer.

Finally, even if JetBlue and Amex stay together, it very well might mean a new product. A new product means that you would be eligible to get the bonus since the card has changed.

Those options give a good reason to make the JetBlue Amex card one to consider getting right now. With an offer of 20,000 points, JetBlue’s fixed redemption system puts this card offer’s value at around $300. That is a pretty decent amount of money for one card! Not only that but while the card does not offer one free bag right now (because all customers get one free bag), with the upcoming changes to the fare classes, they may decide to roll a free bag as one of the benefits of the card.

It is always good to have some TrueBlue points in your account as JetBlue will run discount sales that are only valid for point redemptions. Not only that, but there are some instances where the points are worth more than 1.5 cents – sometimes quite a bit more. Having TrueBlue points around for that is a great idea. Being able to get another JetBlue card later and take advantage of another bonus offer is great too!


While $300 bonuses might have once been something considered too low to qualify for a credit application, the fact that there are some (possibly) changes on the horizon for JetBlue and their credit card program, this might be the perfect time to apply for the JetBlue Amex card. Not only that but if you have already applied for every consumer card in the American Express stable, why not go for this one since this might be the only one left to you? 🙂

I would like to see another bank get a crack at partnering with JetBlue as it seems like Amex has not really offered up as much excitement with the JetBlue card as they do with others. I don’t really see Chase grabbing for it, but it would seem to be a good fit with Barclaycard or US Bank. I guess time will tell. In the meantime, I would definitely give serious consideration to applying for this card.


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  • Have a JetBlue flight coming up and looking at some tickets to Puerto Rico. These points would be very nice to have on my next application round. Forgive the question – is there a limit to the number of personal AMEX cards an individual can hold?