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Bluesmart Smart Carry-on For Free – Through Referrals

Written by Charlie

The Bluesmart carry-on is being touted as the world’s first smart, connected carry-on. I wrote about it last month and it really does look like an intriguing piece of luggage that moves that category into the connected world. I mean, your bag knows your trip plans? Pretty cool!



Bluesmart Indiegogo Product Link (this is my referral link – I will get a $20 refund and you will receive a $20 refund upon preorder as well!)

bluesmartEven though the bag sounds amazing by itself, something even more amazing is its funding. It was seeking $50,000 in funding through Indiegogo and has since hit the $754,000 mark – and it still has 21 days left! That definitely shows that their is demand for a product like this. Not only that, but the price is a very reasonable $235. I say reasonable because that is really a little less than the average price of a carry-on – and this one has a lot of features built-in. If the quality of the bag is high enough, this could become an even hotter product than it already is.

But, it is still $235 for a product that will not be shipped until next August. Fortunately, they have a referral program that will give $20 in a refund back for every person that you refer and purchase made. Plus, they will get a $20 refund as well! I have included my referral link above. If you are interested in purchasing one, I would appreciate it if you used my link and then you would have one to use as well (as well as getting a $20 refund). It would be cool to see if I could get a bag for free with referrals! 🙂

To find out how to setup your own referral page, check out Bluesmart’s page here.

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  • @ Charles: I am still confuse on how this work. I have some questions:
    1. so in order to get the bag for free, I have to get 12 people to buy the bag?
    2. The person that use my referral has to buy the bag in order to get $20 and I also get $20, right?
    3. Do I have to put an order and buy the bag in order to get the $20 credit? same thing if I set the referral account by myself?

    • 1. That is correct
      2. Yes, they would have to purchase through your link to get the $20 (and you would as well)
      3. To get the $20 credit applied, you would need to purchase a bag.
      Unlike Kickstarter, Indiegogo does not allow you to cancel your contribution so you could not buy now and cancel later if you don’t get enough referrals. However, I am not certain as to whether you need to purchase the bag first to get all of the referrals.