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6 Of The Smallest Hotel Rooms In the World

smallest hotel rooms
Written by Charlie

Let me say this right up front – this list is not about capsule hotels, for they would most certainly win! If you are not familiar with capsule hotels, they are these “tube” type hotel rooms that are very popular in Asia and Europe where you are staying in a small capsule. Many of them look like slightly larger torpedo tubes. 🙂 While being small does not guarantee they are cheap, if you ever find one that is convenient for you and a good price, you should try it out!

6 Of The Smallest Hotel Rooms in the World

If you ever walked into your room and got disappointed/frustrated/upset/angry about the size of the room, you may just need to take a step back and look at these rooms to gain a little perspective! Getting a nice suite as an upgrade at your hotel can be a really nice thing, but sometimes it is nice just to have a roof over your head. However, just getting a little roof over your head does not mean that you are going to stay in a dump or be able to stay for next to nothing. Some hotels really know how to make the most of their small rooms and some even charge prices high enough to reflect that! Check out 6 of the smallest hotel rooms in the world!

The Small Room – The Wheatleigh Hotel

This was actually a room I almost stayed in one time. Instead, the hotel upgraded us to one of their nice suites, but I did get a chance to check it out. It is small! But, it is exquisitely detailed so that the room does not feel claustrophobic but rather feels like a small touch of luxury. Lexus Magazine agrees as they called the Small Room at the Wheatleigh hotel “the most luxurious small room in the world.” The room measures 10 feet by 12 feet.

Smallest hotel rooms

The Small Room at the Wheatleigh Hotel

Even though it is small, it does sport a full bath and a TV. Staying in the (tiny) lap of luxury for the night in this room will not be cheap, however. The room rate is $715! – Website This hotel is located in Lenox, Massachusetts. 

 The DasPark Hotel 

This is one of the most unique hotels that I have seen. It is located in Bottrop, Germany (about 30 minutes from Dusseldorf or 2 hours and 30 minutes from Frankfurt) in a park called BernePark. There is also a sister site located in Ottensheim, Austria that has the same type of system.

smallest hotel rooms

There are a couple of unique things about this hotel. One is that the rooms are made from repurposed drain pipes! The design is well-laid out with plenty of storage and a decent looking bed in the center of the pipe. These separate rooms (or pipes) also have 220v electricity so that you can charge up your belongings before you get on your way.

The second thing that makes this hotel unique is that there is no cost – you pay what you wish. So, you can leave money based on what you afford or what value you place on the room so there is no pressure on the cost. That is a very nice thing to do and one that I hope does not get abused!

To setup a reservation, you fill out the form and you will be e-mailed your digital security key that will give you access to your room until noon on your last day. You can only stay a max of three days, which I would imagine would be about the limit of how long you might want to stay in a pipe – no matter how unique it is! – Website

The Jane Hotel

The Jane Hotel prides itself on their “smart design to pack maximum conveniences into minimal space.” They patterned their hotel rooms after luxury train cabins, so that gives you an idea on design and size.

The size is actually not that much of a problem when you consider the fact that this hotel is located in New York City. In NYC, even suites can feel somewhat cramped, so it is nice to see a hotel that embraces the small size and does something unique with it instead of cramming you into an uninviting shoebox.

smallest hotel rooms

The Jane Hotel

They have three separate room types – the Bunk Bed Cabin (which is 50 sq. ft.), the Standard Cabin (which is also 50 sq. ft. but meant for one person instead of two), and the Captain’s Cabin (which offers 250 sq. ft.). As you can imagine giving the size of the first two, the only bathrooms are communal bathrooms located in the hallway, so if you must have your own bathroom, you will want to book the Captain’s Cabin which is actually 5 times bigger than the other rooms!

Even though they do not have bathrooms, they did make room to outfit the room with a flat screen TV, a DVD player, iPod dock, and enough storage to accommodate you during your stay. In addition, they provide free WiFi to their guests. Room rates start at $99 per night – Website This hotel is located in the West Village in New York City.

Central Hotel

This hotel doesn’t just lay claim to one of the smallest hotel rooms, it is actually the world’s smallest hotel. That’s right – this hotel is made up of just one tiny room! The room/hotel sits above a cafe and certainly looks quite elegant with how it is made up.

smallest hotel rooms

The Central Hotel Room

Of course, with such a unique experience, you will find it hard to actually reserve a the room at this hotel given that it is in high demand and, well, there is only one. The hotel/room offers a double bed, a TV that can be hid from view, and iPhone!, and a bathroom. With the room rate comes breakfast for two at the cafe down the road.

Speaking of room rates, this hotel/room is not cheap coming in at about $320 per night! With the hotel in such high demand, you will never be able to get a walk-up rate or consolidator rate. 🙂 – Website This hotel is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Yotel

Here is a hotel room that actually gives you a little slice of space to sleep in a place where you could really use it – the London Heathrow Airport. If you have through here before, you know that it can be a chore to get to hotels away from the airport, but expensive to stay at the hotels at the airport. If you are traveling by yourself, this pay-by-the-hour hotel may be just what you need to get rejuvenated before continuing your journey.

smallest hotel rooms

The Yotel

The Yotel is actually located landside, so you will need to enter the UK to stay here. Once there, the basic room, which is a mere 75 sq. ft., offers just what you need for your short stay – a bed, a bathroom, a TV, Wifi, and workstation. The room itself is actually setup for two people with the bunk bed.

The rate for 24 hours is about $165 which is high, but most people will not be staying in this room for that length of time. If you opt to stay for like 5 hours in the middle of the day (while waiting for your connecting flight, for example), the price would drop to $71 for the stay. – Website This hotel is located landside at London Heathrow International Airport

Hotel Costa Verde

This is definitely one of the more intriguing hotel rooms in the world. It is not only on the smaller size, but it is intricately detailed with Costa Rican teak paneling. This hotel is actually located on-board a refurbished Boeing 727 that is set on a 50 ft pedestal! For any aviation geek, this would have to be a must-stay hotel.

smallest hotel rooms

The Hotel Costa Verde 727

There are two rooms on board this airplane-turned-hotel – the first has two queen beds and the other room has one. The rates for this airplane range from the low end of $250 per night to as high as $750 per night.

As for amenities, these rooms offer TVs, air conditioning, and two bathrooms, as well as a kitchenette, foyer, and a terrace. As far as cool goes, this has to be one of the coolest hotels around. In case anyone is interested, this particular airplane used to fly for Avianca and South African so it is a Star Alliance plane. Unfortunately, you won’t get any miles for staying in it for the night. 🙂 – Website This hotel is located in Costa Rica


These are certainly not all of the smallest hotels, obviously you have capsule hotels. But, this is a hand-picked selection of some of the smallest hotel rooms in the world. Just because they are small does not mean they are cheap! Some of the square footage represented here comes at some of the highest cost per square foot for any hotel room. But, if you would like to try staying in a mini hotel room, these hotels may just give you what you are looking for!

Have you stayed in any of these hotels?

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