This Chart Shows Cost of 5-Star Hotels in 100 Top Destinations Around the World

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Want to see what 5-star hotels cost around the world? Here are the top 100 destinations and what luxury hotels cost in each of those places.

Do you want to stay at a 5-star, luxury hotel but the cost is too high in cash or points? Thanks to Asher&Lyric crunching the numbers from TripAdvisor, we have the costs of 5-star hotels in the top 100 destinations around the world.

This Chart Shows Cost of 5-Star Hotels in 100 Top Destinations Around the World

This means that, instead of going for that 5-star luxury trip in Manhattan, you may want to use some of that money for airfare instead and get a fantastic deal on the beach at a 5-star hotel in the Dominican Republic. The average difference, according to their research,  between those two places during peak season is over $700 per night! The peak season average for a 5-star in NYC can run $1,100 per night while a 5-star in the DR would be $350.

Yes, I understand you will get different experiences outside the hotel but if you are looking for that high-end, luxurious vacation hotel, it may save you some money to take a look at the chart. Or, if you are using hotel points, you can get a good idea of what your points could get you in value!

How Much 5-Star Hotels Cost in the Top 100 Destinations Around the World - - Infographic

Researched and developed by Asher & Lyric Fergusson

Make sure you visit the Asher & Lyric website for an interactive tool to help you select your destinations based on activities and more, as well as some great graphics showing average costs around the world.

Featured image courtesy of The Langham in Sydney, Australia

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