The World Series Is Almost Here – And SPG Thinks They Know Who Will Be In It

Written by Charlie

The 2017 World Series is right around the corner and the teams are not set yet. But, it seems SPG has already made their pick on what teams will be there!

Last year, SPG made available some truly incredible packages for bidding for the World Series. Probably the best was the one to throw out the ceremonial first pitch with premium tickets for Game 7 of the World Series. Dan from Dan’s Deals won that one for over 1 million Starpoints.

SPG Makes Their Picks for the World Series Contenders

Link: SPG World Series Packages for Cubs Stadium 

SPG Is Selling Packages for the Cubs in the World Series

SPG is making available many World Series auctions again for this year and they are doing the same thing they did last year – predicting that the Chicago Cubs will be in the World Series.

Of course, this is just banking on their relationship with the Cubs and the ability to make available some incredible seats there. But, if you want to go with SPG’s pick, you can bid even now for packages for the Cubs home games in the 2017 World Series.

… vs. Yankees

To go further, SPG is “predicting” that the World Series matchup will be Cubs vs Yankees. This is indicated by SPG selling packages for 4 home games and the only team that the Cubs would have home field advantage against is the NY Yankees.

Again, this is just offering packages in the eventuality that the Cubs make it and if  they do get home field advantage. Still, interesting to see the offerings made by SPG in these auctions!

As a Yankees fan, I hope that SPG is right. 🙂 Of course, the Cubs would have to stage an incredible comeback being down 3-1 right now. My Yankees are already on their way back from a 2-0 so it isn’t impossible!

If you do want to bid, the good news is you will get the points back if they do not play the games.

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  • This is especially odd given that the Cubs are trailing. I won’t jinx the Yankees yet, but I am so looking forward to them possibly being in the WS. I just tried to get MC presale tickets with absolutely no luck. It’s like they made 4 tickets available for millions or triers.