And The Winner (and results) of the Must-Read Bloggers Giveaway Is…

Written by Charlie

This past weekend, I ran one final giveaway of 2014 and put out a question as to what blogs entrants thought were their must-read blogs. I follow and read a lot of blogs and always am looking for other blogs that can help to expand my knowledge and interests.

I am happy to say that none of the blogs mentioned were blogs I was unfamiliar with! It means I do follow some pretty good blogs. 🙂 Again, one of my favorites is Rapid Travel Chai. If you don’t already read his blog, I urge you to give it a read as you will see some excellent, original content over there. Of course, many of the blogs you all mentioned are on my favorites as well, but I just wanted to remind you about Stefan.

Here is the breakdown in how the 37 entrants went with their must-read blogs:

Obviously, this was not a true-to-life sampling at all! Please do not take from this that the blogs with fewer votes represent a blog that has a smaller presence (View From The Wing should be enough evidence of that!). This was just a roundup of the blogs that were counted up from the entrants in the giveaway. Hopefully, you all are able to pick up a new blog or three for your reading from that list!

The Winner of the TripIt Pro Giveaway Is…



And for those who did not win, as I mentioned in my review and as TravelMore commented in the giveaway, you can get a free subscription if you hold the Barclaycard Arrival Plus as well.

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  • is by far t he best blog – there isn’t a close 2nd as most are blogs that focus on credit cards or booking service
    Boarding area bloggers all write about the new card or promotion which is great but then everyone copy s each other
    Drew is the best

  • Really appreciate you giving us the breakdown of which blogs were mentioned, especially as there were a few I was unfamiliar with. Cheers.