Who Won The FitBit Tracker And What Was The Final Steps Count?

Written by Charlie

Find out who won the FitBit giveaway and what the final steps count was of my trip around the world!

A little over a week ago, I held a giveaway for people that wanted to see if they could guess the number of steps I would take in a 5 day period for my 6 marathon runs on 6 continents. The rules said it would be “total number I will reveal will be of all my steps throughout the entire trip – that means the marathon runs, airport transits, city walking to start/finish areas, and any other walking I do” so I know it would probably end up being a pretty big number!

Who Won The FitBit Tracker And What Was The Final Steps Count?

To track my steps, I used the same watch I used for my GPS tracking of my runs – the Garmin Fenix 3. I have been using that watch for several months and, checked against other trackers and actually counting steps, I have found it to be really reliable. I had somewhat of an idea of how many steps I would make throughout those 5 days based on how many steps it takes me in training for the marathon distance, but even I was off from the total!

So, what was the final number? 311,581 steps in all. That was about 12,000 more than my best guess so I obviously would not have won this if I was eligible! 🙂


Great guess, VC!

The winner with the closest guess for the number of steps was “VC” with a guess of 309,919 – missing the actual number by only 1,662 steps! Great guess, VC!

Ashley was a close second only missing the actual total by 2,819 steps! Much closer than my guesses!

For those curious, the biggest day was Monday when I ran 26.2 miles in Cairo and 26.2 miles in Abu Dhabi. Those runs, combined with the regular walking, came in for a daily total of just under 100,000 steps.

Thanks to all who entered and for the encouraging words! VC, I will be in touch to get you your FitBit activity tracker so you can count your own steps!

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