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Where I Am Using My Hyatt Free Night Award for Globalists

hyatt free night award
Written by Charlie

Which of the fantastic Hyatt properties did I redeem my Hyatt free night award at and get almost $1,000 in value?


What Is This Hyatt Free Night Award for Globalists?

When Hyatt shook up their loyalty program, they introduced some incentive awards. They include things like a free night (category 1 -4 ) for hitting 5 different Hyatt brands in a year, a free night (category 1 – 4 ) for qualifying for Explorist status (30 nights), and a free night (category 1 – 7) for qualifying for Globalist status. Obviously, the real price is the Hyatt free night award that is good for Category 1 – 7 and available to Globalist members upon reaching 60 nights in a year. I, like all other Hyatt Diamonds that re-qualified, received my Category 1 – 7 Hyatt free night award and definitely wanted to make the most of it!

Quick note – while the certificates going forward are only good for 120 days, this year they are good for one year.

Where I Am Using My Globalist Hyatt Free Night Award

Link: Hyatt Globalist Benefits

There are currently 13 Category 7 Hyatt properties around the world. With a regular free night requiring 30,000 points or a Points+Cash mix of 15,000 points and $300, it is definitely the place to look to achieve some serious value with your Hyatt free night award that is good up through Category 7 (like with the 2 free nights from the Hyatt credit card).

But, at the same time, I really didn’t want to go out of my way to just be able to get value – while spending miles or more points just to make the value stack up! I wanted it to be someplace I would be near or some property I had not visited yet.

Let me say first – it certainly does not have to be a Category 7 to provide great value! I have stayed at some incredible Hyatt properties that were in lower categories and found them to be excellent deals! But, if I wanted to make the Hyatt free night award take the place of using points, it had to be at a property that was going to require a lot of points.

Where To Redeem My Hyatt Free Night Award For Globalists?

Here is the current list of Hyatt Category 7 properties (which, thankfully, removed such ridiculous properties as these):

As you can see, this list is all about Park Hyatt and Residence Club properties. I really enjoy Park Hyatt properties so definitely wanted one.

Making the List!

The Park Hyatt Milan was an early option since it is not too far from Greece (where I currently am) but it would be someplace I would want to go with my wife and no one would be around for a bit to take the kids. Also, I am not going to Milan with my wife for a single night – no matter how nice the hotel is! She definitely would prefer at least another night but I hate burning 30,000 points on a single night with Hyatt.

My next thought was the Park Hyatt St. Kitts. It is a brand new property and I would have loved to try it out. But, again, I wasn’t going there for just a quick one night. I also thought about the Park Hyatt New York. I have stayed in several Hyatt properties in New York but not that one. But, I really love the Andaz 5th Avenue so would have probably opted for that (especially since its location is better for my usual NY routes).

Winner – Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme!

Hyatt free night award

Headed to the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme!

However, in the end, I finally went with what is reported to be one of the finest properties in the Hyatt portfolio and almost a bit cliche – the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme. I have actually never stayed there but definitely wanted to give it a shot. It turns out the timing was perfect as I am taking two of my boys to the Paris Airshow next week as “their” trip (I take my kids with me on trips whenever it is feasible – and they love nice hotels!:)).

The Park Hyatt in Paris opened up availability for the night I was looking at and I snapped it up! The cost for that same night? The cost was $860 for one night! That means I am getting some serious value from my Hyatt free night – just for being a Globalist!


So, we are really looking forward to finally checking out the Park Hyatt Paris! While there are many things I am not happy about with the new World of Hyatt program, it is great that they have built in such incentive awards like the Hyatt free night award at any category for qualifying!

If you are a Globalist, where are you redeeming your Hyatt free night award?

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    • That’s what I have heard as well, which is a shame. Still, it will be a chance for me to at least check out the property myself – finally! I had thought about one of the other Paris properties (am staying at another one the next night with the free anniversary) but the only other one I was interested in was the Louve property and it wasn’t available.

  • I’m a globalist from stays last year, but have not stayed a single night this year. I’ve washed my hands of Hyatt…. That being said, are these transferable? I have the free night award plus 3-4 upgrade awards that I will not be using.

    • Technically, I am not sure. But, you could likely put another person’s name on the reservation as well and have them make a note that they will be checking in. For US hotels, that shouldn’t be a problem but for international properties, they may want to see the ID of the primary party (you).

  • I’ve been looking for availability for free nights at this same hotel, however I can’t find availability for more than 2 people. I have 2 young kids and figured I’ll have to find some other place.

    • I was actually going to cover this when I did my review. I request a roll out bed when I decided to bring my other son with me and the hotel e-mailed me that they could not do 3 people in that room but could upgrade me to a room larger for €100 plus the certificate. So, if that works for you, e-mail the hotel after making your reservation (or before) and ask about paying the difference/extra to move to a room that can handle 4 people.

        • Really? Maybe that was the only one available on those nights? I had been moved up to the deluxe room for the extra 100 so not a suite. It had a huge bed and room for a roll-in.