Weekend Giveaway: One of My Favorite Hotel Accessories

favorite hotel accessory
Written by Charlie

It is time for another weekend giveaway – especially since holidays put me in a festive mood (even when I am in not in the US on a very US-centric holiday!). I hope everyone had an enjoyable, safe 4th! For this giveaway, I want to give away one of my two favorite hotel accessories. I received a lot of interest on both of them, with quite a bit more coming in about the wireless router. Due to the amount of interest, I have decided that one lucky winner will receive either the TP-Link TL-MR3020 or the Google Chromecast.


Here are the rules:

  • The giveaway will end at 11:59PM EST Sunday (July 6)
  • You may enter once per person
  • Your comment must tell what is your favorite travel accessory (whether it is for the plane, hotel, car, bike, or even running)
  • You must live in the US (or be able to have it shipped to an address in the US)
  • The winner will be randomly drawn, courtesy of
  • You can have one additional entry by entering on Twitter – you must be following me and tweet me your favorite travel accessory (must include the hashtag #RwMGiveaway)
  • The winner will be contacted on Monday and will be able to choose either the TP-Link TL-MR3020 router or the Google Chromecast

Thanks for reading and entering! Good luck!

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Charlie has been an avid traveler and runner for many years. He has run in marathons around the world for less than it would cost to travel to the next town - all as a result of collecting and using miles and points. Over the years, he has flown hundreds of thousands of miles and collected millions of miles and points.
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  • Hands down, my favorite travel accessory is my set of Rimowa packing bags. Complete game changer for packing a suitcase.

  • May not be much to some, but my current favorite travel accessory is my wireless/NOISELESS mouse. While traveling, and in a hotel, I get up early and stay up late using my computer, while my wife sleeps in late, and goes to be early. She always used to complain that the clicking on my mouse kept her up…no longer…I am as quiet as a mouse. 🙂

  • my fav, Monster outlet
    You’d be surprised how many friends you make when you’re the only one in the room with access to power

  • My favorite travel/running and all around needed accessory is my smartphone! Second on the list is our small usb extra plug surge protector.

  • My fav travel accessories are my iPad and ebag packing cubes, can’t travel without them

  • I use my Keynamics Aviator laptop stand every day as well as when I travel. Comfortably positions my laptop whether it’s on an airplane tray, hotel room desk or client conference room table. I never go on a trip without it.

  • Traveling with a power strip or two is a life savor. Too many hotels are lacking outlets. Also, they come in handy in the airport.

  • My favorite travel accessory is my iPhone travel brick – I can charge my phone and iPad at the same time

  • My favorite travel accessory is my iPad. Free IFE and an Internet device all in one.

  • My favorite travel accessory is my iPhone. Small and holds all the information that I need.

  • By fat, my favorite travel accessory is my iPhone. I use it for everything, Mail, GPS, and in a pinch, hotspot for my laptop when I need it at the airport. As a road warrior, I don’t know how I ever got by without it in the past.

  • My favorite accessory is my Mac Air, a real computer that puts much less weight in my backpack.
    Not truly an accessory a close runner up is TripIt Pro. It makes keeping track of all reservations so much easier.

  • My Sony MDR-NC13 noise canceling earbuds. They make flying so much more bearable.

  • I have a small scale to way my luggage. It’s easy to pack and has been needed so often. I have moved soooo many times in the last 4 years and I bring a lot of luggage because of it. So, having a scale has been exactly what I needed

  • My Chromebook. Once you practice with it, you realize it does everything you need while on vacation. [Can’t say the same for a business trip…] It also powers up and down in about 10 seconds for occasional use.

  • The Satechi portable router and travel adaptor is a great all in one cube. It has a USB plug on it to charge other devices, three different plugs for USA, Europe and South America and a Ethernet plug for the router.

  • I have no sense of direction, so my TomTom GPS has been a lifesaver on several trips when I’ve rented a car.

  • My favorite travel accessory is my iphone — phone, camera, maps, GPS, and travel guide all in one

  • Hi. Fav travel accessory is a washcloth, zip lock bag and face wash. Amazing what the simple things ( and non techie) can do for one during a long flight.

  • This is a no-brainer. Definitely my iDevices (iPhone and iPad). If I have to choose only one, the iPhone.

  • Battery pack for my iPhone. It has saved me from getting lost in unfamiliar places (by powering my iPhone for its GPS).

  • For some it’s a device, but for me, i like to be protected at all time. It’s the sunblock, definitely a must during this hot weather…

  • My old school Kindle. The charge lasts quite a while, it’s light, and I never lack for reading material!

  • My favorite travel accessory are my e-bags storage cubes! May sound strange but I can now pack myself and my two kids (one being a toddler who needs diapers and MANY sets of clothes) into one suitcase!

  • Right now it is my new Jockery portable battery charger. It has saved me when out all day running from meeting to meeting or just exploring a new city.

  • My Bluetooth headsets. Don’t have to worry about any cords and the battery lasts for a long time!

  • Has to be my DSLR camera so I can take photos to share with family and friends.

  • Easy crosswords book and pen to keep me mindlessly occupied and keep plane nerves away.

  • The gorilla bendable arm camera tripod. Never have to ask strangers to take a picture of our group when traveling.

  • Something so very simple, but that’s so valuable on every trip, short or long, foreign or domestic, is an extension cord. Can’t leave home without it!

  • The travel charger is a must. It’s a huge bonus to be able to charge a phone and kids electronics at the same time.

  • My favorite travel accessory are my headphones. Aside from blocking out noise during the flight, they are also invaluable for talking handsfree while pulling your luggage through the airport.

  • Has to be a travel power strip. With the lack of outlets at some hotels as if people don’t bring a million devices to charge.

  • My hands down favorite travel accessory is my set of QuietComfort 20i Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones. They turn any place into a sanctuary to listen to music.

  • With kids, favorite accessory is rolling carseat, gets through airport much faster

  • My favorite travel accessory is the USB charger that has USB ports for both my android phone and apple ipad.

    Good luck all

  • My favorite travel accessory is a huge pack of USB cords I bought on eBay. It seems like all my devices use the same micro-USB port, so I was able to find a pack of 10 adapters and 20 cords for around $20 shipped. It’s saved me a lot of heartache to always have tons of backup and not worry about leaving cords behind!

  • My favorite accessory has to be my rain jacket that folds into itself, #lifesaver. It is light, waterproof, folds into itself to save space and keeps me warm!

  • My favorite travel accessory isn’t Kindle. I’m a voracious reader who tries to travel light–the e-reader has been a true game changer for me.

  • I don’t have very many travel accessories, but I love my rolling check-in bag.

  • My favourite travel accessory is my Satachi 10,000 mA travel charger. It covers my Blackberry (yes I still use of of those per company policy:)) and my iPad for a full travel work day via, plane and car till I get to my hotel room to juice everything back up.

  • noise canceling headphones, for sure. Whether by car,train, plane or for hotel, I NEED them!


  • My Garmin is my favorite accessory. We can hit the ground running even if our phones don’t work.

  • a mini flashlight. i gave one to my daughter for her first trip abroad.
    there was a black out in their Madrid hotel on their first night and she’s the only one with the “lights” on.

  • My favorite travel accessory is a my samsonite travel bags because you can fit so much in a small mesh case that goes a long way in your suitcase and still stay organized.

  • “My favorite travel “gadget” is an inflatable beach ball, costing less than a dollar at party supply stores and weighing only an ounce or two. For redeyes, I inflate it and hold it in my lap as a sort of pillow that I can lay my head down on.” Hat tip: Miles

  • I always bring my Eagle Creek garment folder because it keeps nice shirts looking nice