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Walkthrough Video of the Brand New Turkish Airlines Business Class Lounge

Written by Charlie

A video walkthrough of the new Turkish Airlines Business Class lounge at the new Istanbul New Airport on the final opening date, April 6, 2019.

I did a review of the new Turkish Airlines business class lounge yesterday but had not had a chance to get the video uploaded yet. As there is quite a bit of interest in this lounge, I wanted to do a post with the video so that those that saw the review already can catch the video but I will also load the video into the review.

Walkthrough Video of the Brand New Turkish Airlines Business Class Lounge

Please accept my apologies for the raw video upload! I planned on editing it a bit but figured it would probably be of greater interest as it was to show the full lounge. If you have any questions about any of the areas of the lounge, let me know!

One of the things I had not mentioned yesterday but I did enjoy about the lounge was the concourse overlook area. When I first saw that from the concourse, I was hoping that wasn’t the lounge as I did not want a loud lounge area. But, it does seem that most of the lounge does have good sound protection from the concourse but that overlook area is a nice place to relax and people watch – a favorite pastime of many in airports! 🙂

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    • No 🙁 not that I saw anywhere. I was a bit surprised by that since it was something that was always in use in the old lounge.

  • So clarification – Is this the Turkish Airlines Business class lounge or the Turkish Airlines Lounge for Miles & Smiles, Star Alliance Gold, Star Alliance Business class pax?

    I heard there are two plus one for domestic…
    Can you clarify…? Thanks

    • You know, I am a bit confused on that right now. I was told by reps that day that it was the business class lounge but now I’m hearing that it may be the elite lounge for TK elites and *G passengers. The sign outside it said “Business Lounge” too so, guess we will see?
      The airline/airport staff scattered around to point people where to go said it was the most asked question that day and they all directed me to this lounge.

    • From Charlie’s excellent pics, video, and comments, I’m inclined to think he was in the business class lounge. The Turkish Airlines website Lounge tab shows 3 lounges: Business, Miles & Smiles, and Domestic. The pictures and descriptions of the Business and Miles & Smiles lounges are nearly the same, but the Business lounge mentions sleeping suites. Also, access to the Miles & Smiles lounge is by elevator opposite C1 boarding gate; access to Business lounge is by escalator opposite gate D1. We’ll see what’s available when we travel in May.

      • Thanks, Ehikal! It was a bit confusing since the agents weren’t really aware of what was what that day (and I understand, it was the first day!). One agent even told me that it was the Exclusives lounge! Enjoy the trip in May!

  • Wow, that looks spacious! And I’m glad they have a nice big kids play area. However I wonder if it’s at all noisy. Between being open to the larger teminal area, the kids’ area not being closed off & the hard surfaces, it may be loud. What was your take on the sound levels?