Use Hilton Points on Amazon – At A Really Bad Rate

hilton points on amazon
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There is a new redemption option for shopping and it is using Hilton points on Amazon. See what Amazon says your Hilton points are worth!

Hilton has made a lot of changes this year and the last change that had been announced was a couple of months late in its starting but it is now here – you can now use Hilton points on Amazon. But, for 99.9999% of us, that is a really great way to waste Hilton points!

Use Hilton Points on Amazon

Link: Use Hilton Points On Amazon

use hilton points on amazon

If you travel much or talk to anyone that travels, most people will always encourage you to spend your money on experiences and travel versus spending it on things (extras, not things like your house or car!). The thinking it that these experiences will mean more and last much longer than whatever you would have bought instead.

What Is the Value of Hilton Points on Amazon?

This really comes into a great example with Hilton’s latest redemption option. Yes, you can now use Hilton points on Amazon but the rate is worse than anything else. Rather than getting around .5 cents per point when booking hotels, you will get .2 cents per point when buying on Amazon. This turns the fantastic Hilton Surpass offer of 100,000 points into a meager $200 worth of Amazon purchases.

Still Want to Use Hilton Points on Amazon?

use hilton points on amazon

If you still would like to at least look at it, here is the process to use your Hilton points on Amazon.

Link Your Accounts

Start at this link – here – to sign-in to your Hilton account and link it with your Amazon account.

Everything is right on that page to take you to Amazon to link up your accounts. But when you do this, make sure you uncheck the box that says to use your Hilton points at Amazon automatically!

Bad Value?

It’s funny – you normally do not hear people speak of Hilton points as valuable given some of the changes made with their redemptions. But, Hilton has made them seem so much more valuable now since they are pegging them at only .2 cents per point when used at Amazon. Now, you can feel really good when you “only” get .4 cents per point on a hotel award reservation – that is double the value of Amazon!

Pegging points for redemption at lower values when used on Amazon is nothing new (the big bank reward points are all valued at less than 1 cent per point) but this hits a pretty big low for value. If you ended up with just a few thousand, I guess some people might think about it. But, think about this – you can still book a Category 1 for only 5,000 points per night and achieve some pretty great value. If you use those 5,000 points on Amazon, you will only get $10 in value! Yeah, not very good at all!

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