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Apple Watch Edition
Written by Charlie

The Apple keynote just wrapped up and they revealed several things, but one of the things I was watching for the most was this – the price and availability of their new Apple Watch Edition, the high-end version. And I saw some things that was just what I wanted to see – the words limited availability and starting at $10,000.

Apple Watch Edition

The Apple Watch Edition will start at $10,000 and be available in limited amounts

To recap, I wrote a post last month about the possibility of manufacturing points and miles through buying the high-end Apple Watch Edition and reselling it. I said that chanced are good that it will be very expensive and limited availability at roll out. Both of those things are true which could be very helpful to those who want to try their hand at flipping these to make some money and generate a crazy amount of miles and points. Think about this – if you use your American Express Business Gold card through the Ultimate Reward shopping portal (or Shop Through Chase), you would earn 20,000 Ultimate Rewards and 30,000 Membership Rewards on the base Apple Watch Edition! Even cashback options would be very lucrative!

The most expensive model costs a jaw-dropping $17,000! Now, if you choose to try this, make sure you pay attention to many key factors – how you sell it (possibly on eBay – look at the other post), protecting yourself from fraud (can be done through close auctions on eBay), and returning it. Nothing has been said yet, but Apple products are returnable up to 14 days from purchase so you could return it if you cannot sell it.

It may not end up being all that feasible but at least it presents an interesting scenario to manufacture a lot of points in a fairly simple process. The fact that it will be limited availability at the beginning is huge. You would almost certainly be able to generate some profit on the flip as well. At any rate, preorders begin April 10 so you have a month to game plan!

Check this post for all of the previous information written about this idea.

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      • I believe they mentioned it at the keynote that the Edition would only be available in selected stores, though perhaps you can pay for them online; I’m not sure.

  • You could even use Discover Deals and earn extra 5% cash back in Apple. As another option. Extra $600 total back on 10k watch.

  • Ebay fees on a $17000 watch is $750 not including paypal fees. Better off flipping a used car on Ebay, those fees would only be $120

    • For $20, you open an eBay store and your final fee is only $250. Plus, no one is going to sell these for face value. If it is anything like every other Apple product before, people are only too willing to pay a markup. If you don’t want a profit, charge just enough to recoup your fees and taxes.

  • I’m still considering doing it. Had my heart set on ordering today but 10 April is fine as well. I’ll pick up one or two Edition models and flip on eBay. I always open the box and take photos of the item to document the s/n and other info and POST IT ON THE AUCTION. At that point fraud risk is minimal (sure I could always have shipped a rock in the box but reasonable doubt is tough when the auction shows pics of the item and the box with matching s/n. Doing so makes it a non returnable item but I have sold many Apple Laptops on eBay like this and zero problems.

    I do like the idea of taking to the buyer at auction close to get a feel. It’s a month away so plenty of time to work out details. And if they are in store only no issues I will stand in line at my favorite out of the way Apple Store to snag one in person and swipe the card.

  • Are there any other cards you can recommend besides the AMEX Gold for biz to double dip on pts?

    • You could use any card through the UR mall and get points with both, so you could use something like the Barclaycard Arrival Plus to get 2 miles per dollar towards future travel redemptions or your other preferred card. You just won’t get the 3X MR points with anything else.

  • See this link for the below info:

    Have you had success getting both Chase UR points & Amex MR points?

    To earn additional rewards on computer hardware, software, and cloud computing, the purchase must be made at a provider that is included on our list of “select computer hardware, software, and cloud computing providers”

    You will earn additional rewards ONLY when you purchase directly from a U.S. location of a company on this list of select computer hardware, software, and cloud computing providers that accept the Card
    • Apple
    • CDW
    • Dell
    • HP
    • IBM
    • Intuit
    • Lenovo
    • Microsoft
    • Newegg
    • Oracle
    • Rackspace
    • Sage Software
    • Symantec
    • Tiger Direct

    You will NOT earn additional rewards if the purchase is made through a third-party (including resellers and online marketplaces) or through a third-party payment account.

    • I have had success with double dipping between those two. It is not a third-party that the purchase is going through, the UR mall simply acts as a referral. You are still buying right from/through Apple.

  • Don’t forget sales tax. I have already booked my flight to PDX so that I can pick up tax free and save up to $1650 each. Now I just need to figure out which Edition model will have the highest demand for a fast flip…