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United Airlines App Will Now Scan Your Passport

Finally! One of the most frustrating things about international travel is the inability to check in due to your passport needing to be checked by an agent. When I travel by myself (internationally or domestically), I never check a bag and to be checking and be told that I need to complete check-in at the airport is not something I like (more time spent at the airport = less time home).

United app


That is about to change for United Airline passengers as they have updated their mobile app to allow it to scan your passport when checking in! Plus, once you have scanned it in, it will remember that you have scanned it and you will not need to do that next time.

United is using a credentials management company (Jumio) on the backend to process and verify the validity of the passport. So, that means it is not really United’s IT handling it all the way through (which can be a good thing!). 🙂 If you have ever had problems doing a mobile check deposit, that problem should not exist here, primarily because the passport is not getting folded and creased in your pocket like the check did!

One thing to be aware – if your destination requires a visa, you will still need to go make contact with a United representative to have your documentation checked. This would also be true for those countries that use electronic visas (like Australia). Still, this is a great improvement and one that I am looking forward to trying on my next United international trip.

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  • The internet never forgets.

    Here’s the trade off (assume carry on)

    a few minutes in the priority check in line at the airport (that you could otherwise skip)


    publishing your passport to a company with good intentions, but unknown security design and capabilities to execute even if designed perfectly

    My risk/reward analysis says to get in line. YMMV

  • It’s never worked in the years since Jumio NetVerify got the contract. I wish United would actually service the consumer by changing out the broken vendor.