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Earn 1,200 Southwest Points and Save 10% with Dollar – Good Or No?

1,200 Southwest
Written by Charlie

Southwest sent out an e-mail (strangely enough, only one of my five accounts got the e-mail) that is not targeted and is offering double points (so 1,200) for Southwest on mid-size cars through Dollar. In addition, they say that you will save 10% when using the special code – WN69.

Earn 1,200 Southwest Points and Save 10% with Dollar

1,200 Southwest

This offer is good through December 31 and on mid-size cars. Dollar typically has some of the lower prices available at many airports anyway, so this could be a good deal. Factor in the 1,200 points (which are worth about $19) and the 10% and it could be worth it depending on your destination.

To book it, go to this link and sign in to your Southwest account. It has preloaded the reservation code, so just put your destination information in and search. It will show all rental car companies, so compare the prices to Dollar, but remember that it is only for Dollar that this offer exists.

Good Deal Or No?

Like any good shopper, I quickly went right to the Dollar website to check the same cities. I looked at three different cities and found the same results with all of them – the prices offered for the mid-size rentals were the same price as the “special” rate from Southwest! Of course, you are not getting the 1,200 points if you don’t use the code, but I am not sure where the 10% went to.

1,200 Southwest

Pricing available through Southwest at Dollar

But, wait!

There was a big difference maker. Dollar has this special feature of “Location Specials” where they offer special deals on specific models. This happens a lot of they have more cars than they believe they can rent. In each location I checked and on all the dates, I continued to get location pricing. How good was that? Tremendous!

1,200 Southwest

Pricing for the same location as above – just using Location Special pricing

On one of the cities, I got a rate that was the same price for a minivan as it was for the mid-size from Southwest! On other rental cities, I was getting better class cars for less as well.

If you are not offered location pricing and really want the 1,200 points, than I would go ahead and book through Southwest. Just know that you are not getting anything extra special and that you could actually get a better deal booking directly through Dollar using Location Special pricing.

Just always remember – it is always better to check for yourself instead of trusting airline and hotel e-mail offers!


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