Two Bluffworks Discounts Going On Now – My Favorite Travel and Everyday Clothes!

review bluffworks departure jeans
Written by Charlie

If you want to get a Bluffworks discount for some of the best travel clothes in the world, check out these discounts for combos! There is one combo for casual and one for dress so you can take advantage of either style!

Just yesterday, I wrote my review of the great new Bluffworks Departure jeans. They join my Bluffworks lineup that includes things like the Classic pants, the Chinos, the Gramercy Blazer, and the Meridian dress shirts.

Two Bluffworks Discounts Going On Now

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All of those are things that I wear on a regular basis (especially the chinos and Meridian dress shirts). I know the cost is higher than some brands you may buy from now (they were for me) but I am firmly behind them now, thanks to the quality and how they stand up over time.

But, if the cost is still too high for you, there are two discounts for Bluffworks clothes that may interest you. They both work for sets of clothes – one for the casual side and one for the dress side.

The Casual Combo

Bluffworks discount

Link: Bluffworks Discount for Jeans and Meridian Dress Shirt

The first discount is a 15% discount when you buy the new Departure Jeans and the Meridian 2.0 dress shirt. This was actually the combo I was wearing for the header photo and they are a great match!

The discount will be shown in your cart. The total, with the discount, for the shirt and jeans would be $190 (down from $223). The combo actually works great for casual and outdoors. You could use it for work or play, essentially.

The Dress Combo

Link: Bluffworks Discount for the Gramercy Suit

For the other Bluffworks discount, you could go for the dressier style. If you buy the Gramercy suit (the blazer and Gramercy pants), you can get $60 off that combo. That would bring it down to $375 for the two together. Use code SUITUP at checkout to get the discount.


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