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Triple-Stacking For Big Reebok Discounts – Today Only

By triple-stacking these deals, you can save over 50% at Reebok on activewear – today only!

I always want to put my hand out and stop the person who is using cash to pay for large purchases in stores – do they know how much in savings they are leaving on the table?! But, besides coming off as kind of creepy, it is people like that that help the savings continue to be pretty good for people that shop like us. And triple-stacking and more is a great way to get those savings.

Triple-Stacking For Big Reebok Discounts

I wrote last week about the new Reebok Amex Offer. With offers like that, it is best to save those and wait for some other deals to pop up to make the savings even better. Well, it popped up the other day and today is the last day to get a triple-stacking savings on activewear at Reebok. Even if you are another brand person, some of these savings may be enough to get you to check them out.

Here are the steps you need to get this triple-stacking going.

1. Add The Reebok Amex Offer To Your Card(s)


Head over to your Amex Offers page and get this offer added to whichever cards you want to use. To multiply the cards you can save it to, make sure you follow the instructions in this post to save it across all of your cards.

The offer is $30 back on $150 or more. So our base target spending is $150.

2. Go Through A Shopping Portal

Obviously, you want to go through a shopping portal! You can check this link to see a roundup of all the different portal offerings, but the current best offer is TopCashBack at 10% cashback. That is not bad at all!

Get 10% off anything you buy at Reebok.

3. Shop The Outlet With This Code


Last step, now that you saved the offer to your card, have card in hand, have gone through a portal, is to head to the Reebok outlet. The outlet pages have a lot of great gear and the outlet is having a discount on top of the already discounted prices.

Shop anything on the outlet site (but make sure you go through the portal before you actually shop!) and use code SAVEBIG at checkout to get an extra 30% off these items. This expires at 11:59PM PST today so move fast!

Save 30% off already discounted items.

Putting It All Together

Ok, so let’s put it all together. You know that you need to spend a minimum of $150 after the discount code to get the $30 off. So, let’s look at the math using that.

  • Add $215 worth of outlet items to your cart
  • Receive $64.50 off using SAVEBIG – down to $150.50
  • Receive 10% cashback from TopCashBack – down to $135
  • Receive $30 statement credit from Amex – down to $105
  • $215 worth of merchandise for $105

That is some great savings! If you are in the market for activewear, make sure you check out these deals today!

Bonus Tip: Do not forget to get your free ShopRunner membership from Amex to take advantage of the free 2 day shipping!


Some of the best deals that can be had are possible by doing some stacking along the way. Rather than walking into a sporting goods’ store and paying retail for Reebok apparel, you can save over 50% by triple-stacking these various opportunities. This is a great way to put all of your tools to good use and save some big money!

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