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TripAdvisor’s Top 25 Destinations – Which Ones Have You Been To?

Top 25 Destinations
Written by Charlie

This is the top 25 destinations list for 2016 from Trip Advisor. I have been to several and have plans for many more. See which ones you have been to and what you would add!

TripAdvisor came out with their list of their picks of the top 25 destinations for 2016. I know some people do not care for how they rank certain things but as a list-lover, it is always interesting for me to check lists and get ideas for my own trips or to appreciate where I have been on a certain list.

TripAdvisor’s Top 25 Destinations

TripAdvisor’s Top 25 Destinations

So, here is the list of places they chose as their top 25 destinations. Some of them were to be expected while the absence/inclusion of others were a little surprising. Again, these are great tools to help expand your ideas for where to visit.

1. London, United Kingdom

Having been there a few times (but just on short trips) I can see I think that it is a perfect destination. Sure, the transportation can be a headache depending on the airport your fly into but London is really a city that has a lot to offer and, for those of us who have English as our primary language, it does so in our language. I am looking forward to taking my whole family there as the kids get a little older so that we will all will be able to enjoy the experience it provides.

If you are thinking of going there, there is no shortage of hotels that you can use points on from all the programs – but they will be pricey! Check out what is available and do not forget to check Airbnb as that can give you some cool options.

2. Istanbul, Turkey

I have been here as well and found the city to be charming and colorful. In addition, it is the only city in the world that sits on two different continents! Check my review of the Grand Hyatt Istanbul if you are looking for a great hotel in the city.

3. Marrakech, Morocco

This is a city that my wife and I visited together a number of years ago. It is just a quick flight from Europe but filled with the intrigue of a city thousands of miles away from what may be familiar. The people are nice and the sights are certainly worth a visit. If you go, do yourself a favor and stay away from chain hotels and checkout a riad – definitely the best way to enjoy the culture round the clock.

4. Paris, France

No list would likely be complete without Paris on it. I have only spent a short time there but it is also on our family’s list of cities we are going to hit at some point. Paris is beautiful and is everything you have heard as well as offering a lot for everyone.

5. Siem Reap, Cambodia

This is a destination that has crept up on people’s lists over the years and one that I want to visit myself at some point.

6. Prague, Czech Republic

Here is a city that is even on other European’s must-visit list. There is a lot of history and beauty here that people talk about and certainly a city to make note of.

7. Rome, Italy

My wife and I will be spending a couple of days there for our 10th wedding anniversary this year and we are really excited about it! Rome is a city that should be on people’s lists, if only for its place in history.

8. Hanoi, Vietnam

Another Asian city and one that has prompted interest in many travelers over the last several years.

9. New York City, New York

Of course this would be on a top 10 or 25 list! Whenever I tell someone in a foreign country that I am from “NY” their eyes always light up as they repeat it – until I tell them that I am not from the city. 🙂 Still, New York City is one of my favorite places to visit. I cannot really see myself living there but it is a place I love to spend a few days in.

10. Ubud, Indonesia

There is nothing I can say about this village from personal experience so would love to hear from someone who has been here about what makes this place so special.

11. Barcelona, Spain

Spain is on the list! There is a ton of history and culture in Spain and it would make a great place to combine for a trip to Spain and Morocco – checking two off at once!

12. Lisbon, Portugal

When people who have visited talk about Lisbon, it has always been with great appreciate and respect for what the city is. Hearing people talk about it has certainly helped promote it on my personal list.

13. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I have been in Dubai several times and it is a city that strives for owning the adjectives describing things that are huge. It is definitely a place to experience though it may not be for everyone for a longer trip. Fortunately, you can build a stopover if you fly with Emirates and take a day to check out the must-see places.

14. St. Petersburg, Russia

And, Russia has made the list! Not someplace I have been yet but it would be an interesting spot at some points. It is just not on my current list of must-visit cities.

15. Bangkok, Thailand

My time here was brief as it was a long layover but I saw enough to know that I want to go back and check it out more. At least it is a spot that you could plan a long layover in and check out some highlights and get a bit of the Thai experience.

16. Amsterdam, Netherlands

This is a city that is bursting with colors and history. It is yet another European city on our visit list as a family.

17. Buenos Aires, Argentina

I have spent a bit of time in Brazil and more time in Chile and enjoyed the time I had in South America. It leaves Buenos Aires on my list for my next visit to South America.

18. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is another city that I had a short layover in but a place that I want to visit for a bit more. So, it became my final pre-devaluation AA award and I am looking forward to checking out more of what the city has to offer.

19. Playa del Carma, Mexico

As a diving destination, if that is an interest of yours, I am sure you have been here or plan on it at some point. Even if you are not a diver, it should still be a beautiful place to visit.

20. Cape Town Central, South Africa

This was another city that vied for my final AA award. I really, really wanted to go to Cape Town this year but had to pass for now since any award ticket from Europe required that I flew through London on British Airways and required huge fees. Still, I will hit this beautiful location before too long and cannot wait to get some fantastic runs in.

21. Tokyo, Japan

During a huge fare sale back in 2011, I got to spend a day in Tokyo – a packed day! It was wonderful to see the variety that this city offers its visitors. There is really a lot to see from historical to modern day to ultra high tech. All in all, it was definitely a fantastic day in a really cool city.

22. Cusco, Peru

This is another South American destination that I have not been to but Peru as a whole has some beautiful spots so would not mind a visit here sometime when I am in South America.

23. Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal is an intriguing country and I have heard some fascinating stories about travel in Kathmandu and the surrounding areas. Have you been here? What is on your list to see?

24. Sydney, Australia

Another one of my favorite cities! Though I have only spent a few days here over a few trips, I have covered 26.2 miles of the city twice and loved what I had seen. In fact, I am spending another day here on my way to New Zealand later on just to spend some more time in the city.

25. Budapest, Hungary

And this is one city in Europe that I knew had to be on the list. People rave about Budapest all the time. I cannot wait to add it to my list of cities I have visited.


I have only been to 11 of the 25 cities on this list but I certainly have my eyes on adding a few more!

How many of these cities have you been to and what would you put on the list if you could?

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