Today Only: MLB TV for $79 For the Rest of 2017

Written by Charlie

Today only, you can catch the rest of the 2017 MLB season with MLB TV for only $79. This is a great way to catch your team no matter where you are!


If you are a baseball fan, you probably like to keep up with your team. Sometimes, that can mean keeping up with them from the road when traveling. I have been a subscriber to for several years now and love that I can watch my Yankees play anytime I want – even when I am several hours ahead of me and I am in bed when they are playing! I can just watch them the next day, no problem!

MLB TV for $79 for 2017 Season

Link: MLB TV for $79

This year, this came in very handy as I woke up last week to news that the Yankees were deep into extra innings in Chicago. I quickly turned on and got to watch the end of the 18 inning game. Pretty nice!

Normally, it is $113 (at the start of the year). Around Father’s Day, it typically drops to around $49 but that is still a month away. If you wanted to jump on now, this is the best price at this time. Also, you will get the MLB app that would normally cost $19.95 and you can watch as many out-of-market live games as you would like! It is a lot of fun to flip around the leave and catch various games. With so many consumers going the cord-cutting route, it is nice to have access to every MLB game by every team.

If you travel, it works out really well! You can keep up with your favorite team(s) from wherever you go and track a lot of the stats during the game. works with Smart TVs, Apple TV, Roku, iOS, Android and more.

Just remember – if you are in the blackout zone for a team, you will not be able to watch it live.

Note: This can be shared among people as well. There is normally a thread on Slickdeals that has many people that jump in to form groups of 4 people per subscription. So, it does work for up to 4 people.

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