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Is the New Electronics Ban Imminent? A Delta Sign Is Spotted!

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Written by Charlie

Is the new electronics ban imminent? Delta posted a sign that indicated it might just be. Be aware in case you are headed to Europe soon!


There has been a number of rumors from various officials in Europe and in the aviation industry this week that the US Department of Homeland Security was going to expand the electronics ban from these 10 cities to cover European flights to the US as well. Is the new electronics ban imminent?

Is the New Electronics Ban Imminent?

Supposedly, airline executives had met with US officials about a potential ban and there was word it would not be announced before this past Wednesday (which it wasn’t). Well, it appears that Delta at least has prepared for this new electronics ban, which would affect US airlines for the first time (since they do not fly from any of the current 10 cities on the list).

The sign below was spotted at CVG airport (Cincinnati) by Flyertalker SFO 1K.

new electronics ban

A sign in the CVG airport by Delta

According to this sign, the ban is in effect today for flights returning to the US. Given the fact that most flights from Europe have already departed for the day, it would apply for flights starting tomorrow. This gives the US DHS still several hours to make some formal announcement, if they are ready to make such an announcement or are going to make this official.

Here is the text from the sign above:

“Effective May 12 passengers will only be permitted to carry a cell phone onboard flights returning to the United States. All other personal electronic devices will be required to be checked.”

It is odd that they do not specify flights from Europe so maybe this is going wider than we think???

Delta’s Response

On Twitter, JT Genter tweeted this photo and received a response from Delta that said “This was posted in error in this market and should be down now.” This was not a denial that this sign was accurate so it should be interesting to see what happens. Perhaps Delta was just being prepared by having these signs distributed or maybe they acted prematurely on yet-to-be-released information.

Heading to Europe? Be Prepared for Your Return to the US!

If you are headed to Europe shortly, you should be prepared for such a ban to be put in effect while you are gone. To do so, I would consider getting something like a Pelican case if you travel with photography equipment and consider a very secure sleeve/case for your laptop. If possible, leave some pieces of electronics home if you can do without.

Also, consider taking a cheaper laptop, if you can. My only laptop is an expensive one and I would certainly not allow it out of my sight. If it was me, I would take a cheaper laptop or a tablet to replace it while I am gone. If this ban does go into effect, I plan on testing it out and will do a detailed report on what it is like to help you prepare for your travels.

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  • I just happen to have a nice, cheap older laptop. No way do I even think of taking my new one.
    Ugh, more Kabuki.

  • Ugh… the sign doesn’t even mention being able to bring a tablet on board. We travel with our kids a lot and their tablets are a crucial part of our in flight entertainment. If an airline has good in seat options, it’s not as big of a deal but the thought of not having their kindles makes me a tad nervous…

  • I am in the same boat as you. I definitely interested in your recommendations regarding laptops as I too only have an expensive laptop.