My Thoughts on Safety And the Winner of the RoadID Giveaway

Last week, I held a giveaway for a gift card to RoadID to help someone get one of their products to stay safe on the road. Running is an incredibly fun hobby that can be a great stress reliever. However, it can be stressful to family if we are gone a lot longer than we had said we planned to be or if they cannot get a hold of us on the phone. To have something on our person that emergency personnel can use to contact our loved ones in the horrible occurrence of an emergency situation should help to put their minds somewhat at ease.

I asked for entrants to give their safety advice for either their workouts or safety when traveling. We had some excellent responses! I will put some of these in a future post, but for now, I just thought I would put some of mine as well:

  • Find Friends – this only works with Apple devices but since my wife and I both have iPhones, it works incredibly well. She can use her phone at any time (providing I have a cell signal) to see exactly where I am. Pairing that with knowing my route, she can tell if something is the matter.
  • Road ID – of course, I am wearing my Road ID bracelet when I go out! I have my wife’s number and my dad’s number on there as well as my asthma condition.
  • Known Route – I always tell my wife or leave a note about how long I will be gone and what my route is.
  • Phone Paper – Just in case I was to be separated from my phone and bracelet, I also have my wife’s contact information in the pocket of my water bottle.
  • Change – I always carry at least $5 of local currency with me in case I am hurt and need to catch a cab someplace or make a phone call if my phone does not work.

So there you have it! Yes, some of that is redundant, but it takes nothing more to add those steps and helps to provide another level of peace of mind. If you have not purchased a Road ID product, definitely think about it! Yes, I get a small commission from them if you purchase something through my link, but I do feel very strongly about their products which is why I have no problem recommending them so strongly. If you do use my links, thank you very much for your continued support! I will have another Road ID giveaway soon and that helps to provide for that.

Of course, the winner is here as well! The randomly chosen entrant is:


The winner of the RoadID giveaway

Congrats, Kayla, and thanks to all of you who entered!

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