This is Crazy: Tomorrow You Can Order an Apple Watch Series 7 – But, It Is Still a Bit of a Mystery

Written by Charlie

You will soon be able to order an Apple Watch Series 7 – but this is the craziest product launch by Apple ever. What does anyone know about this strange watch?

If someone was keeping track of strange product launches, chances are pretty good that most people would think that the polished Apple, Inc would be absent from such a list. Well, until the year 2021 and the reveal/launch of the Apple Watch Series 7. In case you haven’t heard, pre-orders for it finally open tomorrow – and there still no regular information about it other than Apple marketing-speak.

Tomorrow is Apple Watch Series 7 Preorder Day – But, What Is It???

Link: Apple Watch Series 7

I wrote a post after the reveal of the Apple Watch Series 7 (sorry, I will just keep calling it the Series 6s myself!) about how there was a lot of very good speculation that the watch that will go on sale tomorrow was not the original Apple Watch Series 7.

Well, Apple is leaning into it – sort of. They are going to sell it tomorrow but people still don’t know any of the specs about this watch, battery life, processor, GPS chips, or even pricing among the various models in the lineup. In fact, no one knows what kind of material watches there will be!

It seems like Apple either really just wants to “have” a watch launch so they can continue their annual release but they don’t want people to really jump at it too much. It is so odd that they do not have much info beyond their landing page and that they do not have a way for people to “save” a favorite configuration for purchase and that they Apple Watch Studio is not up to let people “design” their favorite combinations.

In fact, it seems like Apple is kind of hoping this just cruises right by everyone’s attention. Sure, a larger display is nice, sure fall alert for cycling is nice but enough to upgrade from an already good Series 6 or even Series 5?

One other thing that is still not up is the cellular configurations. Immediately following every keynote, I aways check to see if Apple has finally enabled the Apple Watch LTE models to be true international watches. What help is it if you travel overseas and you cannot get roaming on your watch like you do on your phone? Up to this point, there has not been that – and even this information is still missing from Apple’s site.

So, this will be one Apple Watch launch that I quietly sit out – having no real interest to get one for comparisons or review. Hey, Google, this would be a sweet time to get a really great watch out!

So, do you plan on buying the Apple Watch Series 7 or no?

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  • Agreed. I think it’s a combination of not much has changed outside of the screen size plus supply constraints (from an article I thought I saw from an analyst). So no reason to hype up what there isn’t to hype or to sell in quantity. I have a Watch 4 right now so will likely snap one up when the discounting starts.

    • The shame is it appears that those same supply constraints may make the Series 6 go out of stock everywhere before they give huge price drops. Hopefully, since the series 7 isn’t a huge upgrade and they may want to move them, there will be sales around Black Friday – great time for you to grab one if they do!