What? The New Apple Watch Series 7 Is NOT the Real Apple Watch Series 7?

Written by Charlie

There was a presentation of a new Apple Watch Series 7, but was it the REAL Apple Watch Series 7? Let’s see what may have gone wrong with this poor refresh.

This past Tuesday, the new Apple products were revealed which included a newly refreshed iPad Mini, a new base iPad, the new iPhone 13 series and the new Apple Watch Series 7. However, one of these new products was not anything like it was expected and now it appears that it may not have been the actual one that Apple wanted to release.

Is the New Apple Watch Series 7 Not the REAL Apple Watch Series 7?

As I said last week, the Apple Watch is not made for runners, in spite of the fact that this was the original crowd Apple marketed it to with the very first Apple Watch. Instead, it has become the best selling smartwatch in the world with a host of fitness and health apps available.

While it was not expected to be until the Apple Watch Series 8 that some serious new sensor upgrades came out – like temperature sensor, possibly glucose monitoring, and potentially even blood pressure monitoring – it was expected that the new Apple Watch Series 7 would have a new design. In fact, there were renders made based on CAD designs that were coming out of Apple and photos of actual Apple Watch casings that had been designed.

A Lame Apple Watch Release

But, instead, we got the lamest Apple Watch release ever with just a tad of a stretch of the display with no increase in battery life (though it now has fast charging), no new processor (the “new” processor is the same as the old one even with the same part number), no new features (aside from the fall alert now being available for cyclists) and a slightly more durable display.

I was watching the presentation video thinking, “really? this is it?!” I kept wondering who came up with the idea of the video where it was seemed that Apple was really reaching to make it sound exciting. In fact, for the first time, Tim Cook was not wearing the new Apple Watch – and this is because the Apple Watch does not even exist yet.

Is There Even an Apple Watch Series 7 Yet?

Apple not only is not making it available for sale today (like normally do, the same day new iPhones go on sale) but they have not given a sale date beyond “this fall”. This is very un-Apple and to make it worse, the Apple Watch page does not give any technical specifications about this “new” watch. I scanned it the first time it went up to see if they were finally going to make the LTE version a good option for international travelers.

What Happened to the Real Apple Watch Series 7?

By Jon Prosser and RendersbyIan based on CADs, schematics, and photos

I was looking around and trying to figure out what might have happened and saw this great video by MaxTech that said some of the things I was thinking and a whole lot more. Check it out to see what they found out.

It appears that the shift to the new hardware design may have had too many problems popping up that they could not fix before the presentation. Rather than have an iPhone release with no Apple Watch release, it seems like they very likely could have just taken a lot of the parts they already had, made some minor cosmetic changes for the “new” watch, and put together the presentation – with no ship date in sight.

What Does This Mean for the Apple Watch Series 8?

So, not only will the Apple Watch Series 8 be getting a major hardware refresh, it will also be coming out with better battery life (which should have happened this year) as well as new medical sensors. In other words, the Apple Watch Series 8 could be the biggest Apple Watch release yet.

If you have an old Apple Watch or no Apple Watch and are wanting to get one, I would suggest picking up an Apple Watch Series 6. These should see some pretty steep sales as retailers try to dump them when the new Series 7 starts hitting shelves. I would recommend passing on the Apple Watch Series 7 for a couple of reasons – one is that it is not an really good upgrade and the other is that Apple should get the message that people do not buy a product from them just for calling it “new” and all their other glowing language they use to describe it.

One thing I am curious to try – is the quick charging something that will work on the older Series 6 when using the USB C charger? This was their only significant upgrade (other than the increased display size) so if the new charging puck would give Series 6 watches quick charging as well, that could be a nice perk!

Hey, Google, the next few months could be the best time ever to drop the first Google Pixel watch! I have already said that a Google Pixel watch could be the best smartwatch ever for many reasons.

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  • No, the real Apple Watch Series 7 is the one that was announced. Not the one fictional one that you’re referring to. You know nothing about what you wrote here.

  • I agree. I had exactly the same impressions as soon as the presentation ended. This is nothing more than the Watch 6 with a new number and a tiny increase in display size. Without ever being able to prove it, I have no doubt that the “real” Watch 7 was pulled back in the year when engineers said there was no way to meet the announcement deadline… Or, the pandemic has hosed the silicon that was needed… Or, the FDA would not give a certification… Or whatever.

    That being said, I prefer such a delay to the usual attitude by ***** (fill in the name of just about any company) who would have said, “It is 80 percent working? Ship it!!”