This Hyatt House is a Category 7 Hotel, Costing 30,000 Points Per Night

category 7 hyatt house
Written by Charlie

A Hyatt House as a Category 7 hotel? Yes – it costs either 30,000 Hyatt points for a night or as low as $130 for a night, you choose which you would pay! 🙂

Hyatt Category 7 – this is the category that contains the finest that the Hyatt brand has to offer. Think Park Hyatt Vendôme in Paris, the new Park Hyatt St. Barts, the Park Hyatt Sydney, the Park Hyatt New York – properties that run close to $1,000 per night and have luxury to back up the name.

A Category 7 Hyatt House Hotel

Oh, and then there is the Hyatt House Niseko. Yes, a Hyatt House at the vaunted Category 7. 🙂 If something about that seems off, it is because it is the only one at that Category 7 level right now.

category 7 hyatt house

category 7 hyatt house

If you want to pay cash, you can do that for as low as the $130s for some nights so don’t even think about redeeming 30,000 points for this property! 🙂 The truth is that this isn’t the first Hyatt House to be a Category 7 and likely will not be the last. I think there was a Hyatt House or a Place in Ohio last year that also was billed as a Category 7.

The funny part about this is that if you wanted the largest suite in the hotel, it would cost about $540 on some nights – a suite that measures in at 1800 square feet! That cost is about half of what you would pay for a regular room at the Park Hyatt New York – which is also a Category 7. 🙂

category 7 hyatt house

It Won’t be a Category 7 for Too Long…

I have heard that some Hyatt properties start out at the high end to avoid a bunch of award redemptions until they get their feet wet in the space. What I don’t understand is why all Hyatt properties do not do this (this Hyatt went from a Category 7 to a Category 3 before).

Hyatt has been on a roll lately with many new openings and none of them started at a Category 7 ranking so I am not sure why the Hyatt House Niseko is one that was slotted in there.

If you have the points to burn and you are looking for a Category 7 in Japan, go with the Park Hyatt Tokyo. 🙂 If you really want the Hyatt House Niseko, just give it a few months and it will likely slip. Or, you know, just use cash.

Edit: Zz makes the good point that, since this is ski territory, high season is very expensive.

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  • Not surprised at all. Check how much they cost during winter skiing season. Well above $1000 per night

  • This made me chuckle! Far below my ideal redemption of 2 cents per point. Thanks for the share!

  • I stayed after New Years the retail rate was 800 a night I used points. The location for skiing is excellent they also have a rental shop in the hotel. Overall excellent stay lastly they have a Michelin star rated restaurant at the property.

  • Hyatt House Niseko is a de-facto Ski Chalet. That’s why it’s so expensive. In season, it’s as high as $1300/night.

    When the Park Hyattt Niseko opens in late ’19/early ’20, the Hyatt House *may* drop a category. But you can bet that the Park Hyatt Niseko will be christened as a CAT 8 property.