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This Airport Will Let Even Ryanair Passengers Buy the “Private Jet” Experience

Written by Charlie

Who says flying Ryanair has to be a totally no-frills experience? Manchester airport will let you buy the “private jet” experience, complete with private car transfer, on all airlines – including Ryanair!

So, you have a $10 ticket to fly Ryanair but you want to elevate your airport experience? The Manchester airport in the UK now offers a premium service that will  let even Ryanair passengers purchase a private ground experience.

This Airport Will Let Even Ryanair Passengers Buy the “Private Jet” Experience

Courtesy of PremiAir

Link: Manchester PremiAir Terminal

Manchester Airport offers service to full-service airlines like Emirates, Singapore, and Cathay Pacific but they also want to let Ryanair passengers know that a new service, called PremiAir, will be available to them as well.

This service will start at £50 and offer a more private airport experience – which may be a way to make the Ryanair experience a little more manageable! Sure, it will probably feel weird to be driven to your Ryanair plane in a private car across the airport but, why not!

With that at the starting price, my guess is that the full experience (including private car transfer) would cost quite a bit more than the starting price of £50. There should be more news in the coming month or so.

This service will have things like a private terminal, a private parking area, expedited baggage checking and fast track security areas. When it is time to board your plane, you can be driven in a private car across the airport to your plane. Yes, even to your Ryanair or Easyjet flight!

This new PremiAir terminal will open in the middle of this year and will be available for both arriving and departing passengers.

If that sounds a little crazy, I once connected from the Etihad First Apartment to Ryanair so that makes this not seem so absurd! 🙂

HT: Manchester Evening News

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  • 0 chance any RyanAir passenger will use this service. I’ve used the Private Suite at LAX with the Jetsmarter discount, and even then it was not worth it. This is cheaper, but I can’t imagine RyanAir passengers using it.

    • I agree with you – strange that they are marketing it for even the low cost carriers. Of course, I would try it if I had the time, just to see what it is like!
      Not regarding the cost, how did you like the Private Suite?