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The World’s Smartest Mask – A Very 2020-Approach to 2021

Written by Charlie

If you want to see what is being called the “world’s smartest mask” then check this one out! With tech to clean it, filter stuff out, and amplify your voice, this is a very 2020-start to 2021!

Who would have thought just one year ago that a computer company would roll out a concept for a smart mask – in response to the need for masks throughout the world? Yet, that is just what Razer (a company known for gaming computers) introduced at the virtual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) last week – Project Hazel.

Project Hazel – The World’s Smartest Mask

Another thing that 2020 brought us was fights about masks – wearing them vs not wearing them as well as what kind of masks actually work. In the early days of March, it was the medical style masks that people wore but those quickly grew old and were replaced by all kinds of fabric masks. Now, masks are somewhat a new source of advertising as well – again, who would have ever thought?

The problem is that not all masks are created equal. If you want to really protect yourself against airborne contaminants, the simple fabric mask may not be your answer. Since all the mask use has started, I kept wondering how long it would be before someone introduced some kind of high-tech mask and this is what Razer is after with their Project Hazel concept.

Clean, High-Tech, and Audio

This smart mask introduces many factors that could be attractive to someone who wants to wear the same mask all the time, wants to be heard and understood, and wants to be as safe as possible. To start, it has replaceable filters and ventilators to make sure it is always as clean as possible.

Courtesy of Razer

Speaking of clean, it has a charging case that uses UV light to sterilize the mask each and every time. It has built-in lighting and is clear so that people can more easily read both your lips and facial expressions. But, to take that even further, it actually has electronics built-in also to amplify your voice so that people can understand you more than with a typical mask that may muffle your voice.

Courtesy of Razer

The downsides? No known price and not even an assurance that Razer will actually ever bring it to market. I think they will but they obviously want to see what kind of interest it drums up as what the mask issues look like after the vaccine increases in its rollout. No one wants to dump a ton of money into production without knowing how it will sell. Of course, having a price would be nice but I guess they consider it enough for people to imagine it will be quite expensive.

Source: Razer

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