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The Red Sox Flew the Most Luxurious Big Jet to London – At a Cost of $500,000!

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The Boston Red Sox took to the skies for their London games against the Yankees in complete style! At the cost of $500,000, they flew the most luxurious, large charter jet in the world – the Crystal Skye 777!

This weekend, the age-old baseball rivalry of the Yankees vs the Red Sox is going to happen on the ground in London. While MLB games have taken place outside of the US before, this is the first time they are doing so in London and it almost seems fitting to have such a grand matchup.

The Red Sox Flew the Most Luxurious Big Jet to London – At a Cost of $500,000!

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Courtesy of Crystal Cruises

For these two teams, it is actually just a few minutes longer of a flight than it is for them to head to a west coast city like San Diego from their home town airports! But, instead of having the clock go back on them 3 hours, they jump ahead 5 hours. Part of adjusting to a time zone jump like that can be the comfort you are in while traveling and the Red Sox apparently went all out to squeeze out every little advantage they could in that way!

At a cost of $500,000 (according to Darren Rovell), the Red Sox chartered the largest luxury jet in the world – the Crystal Skye 777 aircraft. It can handle up to 88 passengers, which shouldn’t have been a problem for the Red Sox on this trip since their roster was only 26 players. I suppose they could have also asked their fellow Boston team, the Patriots, to use one of their 767 jets. 🙂

Barstool Sports shared a video from onboard the plane for the roughly 6.5 hour flight to London.

Personally, if this plane was a real thing at this point, it would seem that it would have been a better option for traveling athletes. But, since it isn’t, I guess the Crystal Skye made a nice substitute! Normally, MLB teams charter with US airlines for their airline transportation needs in the US so this was a major upgrade for the Red Sox. Also, many of the people that went to London from these teams had actually never been there before so this was definitely a nice way to get there!

As for the Yankees, I’m not sure how they traveled there but I do know they have quite the contingency in London right now. That includes people like the owners and their families as well as 7 former Yankees. Besides, with how the Yankees have been playing lately, they could have probably flown Norwegian to London and still beat the Red Sox. 🙂 Sorry, lifelong Yankee fan so have to throw something out there! 🙂

Good luck to both teams and all the fans!

Featured image courtesy of Crystal Cruises

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