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This Luxury 777 Airplane Is Now Available for Charters

Written by Charlie

A luxury 777 aircraft is now available for charters – at quite the luxurious price! Find out what it has to offer and how it compares to commercial first class options!

Flying private is something that has become cheaper over the years with sharing services and memberships (though still outside of the range for most of us!). Obviously, some companies feel that catering to people that want that luxurious feel in a private setting is the next step and that is what Crystal Cruises unveiled this month and has now made available for booking – their luxury 777.

This Luxury 777 Airplane is Now Available for Charters

Let’s just say this up front – this is outside of the price interest for just about every single person that reads this post! At an approximate price of $55,000 per hour for a charter flight, it is very pricey! But, I do want to demonstrate something with this new product.

Photo courtesy of Crystal Cruises

According to the article by the Miami Herald, this charter plane can accommodate up to 88 passengers with a range of 19.5 hours. That is a lot of luxury and a very generous space allotment per passenger for this aircraft! Crystal Cruises also noted that not every charter party will be filling the plane either. One of their earliest bookings, a couple celebrating their anniversary has “only” 58 invited guests.

Photo courtesy of Crystal Cruises

Photo courtesy of Crystal Cruises

Some places have broken down some of the numbers and figured that a full charter on a flight from New York to Paris would equate to around $5,400 per person. That is less than paying for an actual first class ticket for the same route so some may view it as a “good” deal – but only if you have 87 other people that also want to pony up $5K for this experience.

So, what does this charter 777 have to offer at that price?

With a spacious design for up to 88 guests, Crystal Skye is appointed with features rarely found in even the most luxurious private jets. She has the highest crew to passenger ratio of any twin-aisle aircraft and a non-stop range of 19.5 hours, allowing travelers to explore the far reaches of the earth while enjoying the personalized service for which Crystal is renowned worldwide. Bespoke Crystal Exclusive Class™ seats are designed for maximum personal space and ergonomic comfort, and convert to 180-degree lie-flat beds. The expansive social lounge with stand-up bar fosters friendly camaraderie among luxury travelers. Cuisine will be prepared by an executive chef, in two state-of-the-art galleys and paired with an elegant premium wine list from the Crystal SkyeCellar.”

That is a glimpse at what it is offered. It obviously goes without saying that the seats are lie-flat and the amenities would be likely second to none. Plus, you are getting your own high-class chef onboard with a dining experience that takes you away from your seat.

It also offers the convenience of a charter where you can pick your destination(s) and you are only flying with people you know.

Compared to First Class – Worth It?

I guess the answer would be completely tied to the amount of money you want to spend on travel. If you have it to spend and want something this over-the-top in experiences, then it would likely be something you would consider.

charter 777

Photo of the Etihad First Apartment

But, consider what we have available with miles and points! Yes, we do not have the customized destination list and our preferred take-off times, etc, but I have enjoyed (many times) flying aboard Etihad’s First Apartment with an incredible amount of space for a commercial aircraft. The food I have enjoyed has been great and I also had access to a common lounge area complete with drinks, snacks, and a place to relax.

How much did that cost me? It has cost me as little as $40 and 40,000 miles to fly on that for 8 hours while spending 60,000 miles gave me over 13 hours of relaxation on that plane!


Of course, with private you are getting to be the one that sets the course and you are in control. But from a luxurious travel perspective, while it looks incredible, I am thrilled with what we continue to have access with just miles and less money than a full tank of gas in a car.

Featured image courtesy of Crystal Cruises

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