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New England Patriots Take To The Skies With Their Own Planes

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Written by Charlie

The New England Patriots are the first NFL team to buy their own planes, buying two 767s to ferry the team around. Find about it here!

NFL teams are used to having charter contracts with various airlines to get their teams around the country. But, with some recent changes from American Airlines to not pick up charter contracts with teams, it is no surprise that some teams are looking at alternatives.

New England Patriots Buy Their Own 767 Jets

Check out this concept of the athlete’s plane from 3 years ago!

The New England Patriots took this opportunity to purchase two 767 jets for their own little fleet. They are the first NFL team to do this and they are doing it with apparent style as they outfit it with first class seats to enable their players to really lay down and stretch out to and from games.

With the stress of travel and its potential impact on these players, having their own planes with all the comforts they want to build in them available should be very helpful. The cost was apparently between $5 million and $65 million since they bought them used. They will only need them during the season for their 8 away games but, should they head to the postseason (which is probably a given), they may have some other times to fly it. I know, Patriot fans are probably saying they would only need it for the Super Bowl and not for any other playoff games. 🙂

Apparently, the word is that the Patriots may charter them out during home games. I would doubt that they would be rented by other NFL teams, given the paint job and the Super Bowl rings on the plane. 🙂

Now, we just have to wait to see what Jerry Jones will buy for his Cowboys. Maybe an Emirates 380 that is not seeing that much service on some routes? 🙂


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