The Night I Slept in a Boeing 747 Cockpit – You Can Do It, Too!

Written by Charlie

With news that Boeing will end production on the Boeing 747, here is a look at the night I stayed in a Boeing 747 cockpit! One of the best “hotels” ever – and you can do it, too!

With news yesterday that Boeing has decided to stop production of the Boeing 747 – the Queen of the Skies – after the last several orders are filled, I thought I would share about the night I stayed in a 747 cockpit. Also, you could do it too (as long as you get to Sweden!)!

The Night I Slept in a Boeing 747 Cockpit

The Boeing 747 will always hold a special place in many aviation fans’ hearts for what it has been in the last 50 years. For those that traveled upstairs in the jumbo jet, that type of intimate flying made it seem like you were mostly alone – in spite of the hundreds of passengers downstairs from you!

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to stay in the Jumbo Stay Hotel which is a hotel built entirely in an old Boeing 747 airplane. It is truly amazing and a wonderful chance to sleep in places that you may have never even seen on your trips aboard the Boeing 747. It is located outside the airport in Stockholm, Sweden.

This particular Boeing 747 was built for Singapore Airlines but also used by Pan Am before it was ultimate opened as a hotel in 2009. Here is my look back at what it was like to sleep in a Boeing 747 cockpit – though, in fairness, I was a bit busy geeking out over all the controls that were still in the cockpit to sleep that much!

Staying in a Boeing 747 Cockpit

Here is my full review of the Jumbo Stay Hotel. 

747 cockpit

The front of the Boeing 747 – Jumbo Stay Hotel

747 Cockpit

The actual 747 cockpit suite – incredibly cool place to sleep!

747 Cockpit

The 747 cockpit bed with the controls right behind it.

747 Cockpit

The 747 Cockpit bed has a middle hard section but the bed is really comfortable!

747 Cockpit

The prepared bed with robes, towels, and small gift items

747 Cockpit

The tiny but functional bathroom in the cockpit suite

747 Cockpit

Yes, you can play with the controls to your heart’s content!

747 Cockpit

There are several pieces of the controls still left in the Cockpit

747 Cockpit

This part is included in the 747 Cockpit suite as well, a really nice space to check out!

747 Cockpit

747 Cockpit

The 747 Cockpit suite’s balcony, a little cold in the winter!

747 Cockpit

Yep, that is my room way up there in the cockpit!

The cost for the cockpit suite is pricier than the other rooms but it is like you are getting a museum experience at the same time! While there are other airport hotels, next time you are through Stockholm, you may want to check this place out!

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  • Thanks to your review… I did it too a couple of years ago. A truly amazing experience!

  • What an amazing experience. I love your stories, especially in these times when travel is so restricted – keep them up! I am definitely putting this on my list!!