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Targeted: 20% Off On $50 Purchases At Grocery Stores

This is part of the Amex Sync Offers program for this period. This started at the beginning of the month but I just realized that I had not mentioned it as of yet! 🙂

I say targeted because there are many people who do not see this offer in their Amex accounts. It may also be because it appears only for supermarket purchases in CA, NY, NJ, and CT. Fortunately, I was in NY and had it on my account so I took full advantage of it. Here are some ways to really maximize this promotion

20% Off On $50 Purchases

How to Sync

First of all, you need to get your card registered. This is done by logging into your American Express account and scrolling to the bottom of the page. You may need to flip through your various Amex cards because not all of them will have this offer tied to it (my Delta personal card was tied to it while my wife’s SPG personal card was tied to it).

Once you find the offer, click Save Offer and then start spending! You have until July 14th to make the qualifying purchases and you can get the $10 back on $50 purchases a total of three times. That’s right – you will get $30 off on a total of $150 in purchases!

Amex sync

Amex sync offer

Amex sync offer

Maximizing the offer

Now, what way is great to maximize this? Obviously, you could use this to buy your regular groceries and realize a 20% off on those. Or, you could head right to the gift card rack and buy gift cards to your favorite stores. In our area, Kindle gift cards are always available and these are loadable onto Amazon just like a regular Amazon gift card. In addition, there are numerous department store gift cards, restaurant gift cards, gas gift cards – even prepaid gift cards.

Whatever you choose, you take at least $50 in purchases up to the counter and pay for it using your Amex card that is tied to the offer (remember – you must save the offer before you use it!). You will receive an e-mail notification from Amex immediately after to thank you for using a sync offer. After that, you will receive the credit of $10 in your account in the next couple of days.

Just remember that you must make your purchases before July 14th and that you can use this offer up to 3 times per synced card.

Did you get the synced offer? What did you do to maximize this offer?

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