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Some Chase Card Bonuses Now Available For Former Cardholders!

Chase churn
Written by Charlie

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With American Express ending the ability for repeat bonuses for customers on their cards a couple of months ago, point earners who have hit all the big cards have been searching for the next way to earn big bonuses again. The good news is that Chase has relaxed on the bonus terms on some of their cards!

Some Chase Card Bonuses Now Available for Former Cardholders!

Chase churn

Chase used to be pretty strict with their bonus offers. Sign-up bonuses were available to customers once per lifetime. There were some instances were customers were able to get the bonuses again (when the Chase United card changed to a different product, when the Chase Sapphire Preferred had both a Visa and Mastercard, when the Chase Ink cards were Mastercards and switched to Visas). In addition, customers have been able to get the Chase Ink cards for different businesses even if they applied multiple times.

Chase churn

Earlier this month, Million Mile Secrets reported that the Chase Freedom had changed the terms to say that “This new cardmember bonus offer is not available to either (i) current cardmembers of this consumer credit card, or (ii) previous cardmembers of this consumer credit card who received a new cardmember bonus for this consumer credit card within the last 24 months.”

The really good news is that this language has now been added to several other cards including: the Chase Sapphire Preferred, the Chase Ink Bold, the Chase Ink Plus, the Chase Freedom, and the Chase Marriott.

This language means that if you have not held the above cards for a period of at least 24 months, you can apply again and receive the current bonus! This is great news since those cards represent a lot of Ultimate Reward points! In addition, it should work exceptionally well since the Chase Sapphire Preferred is a card that many of you have dropped after the first year.

If you would like to sign-up for these cards, here are the links

Application Link – Chase Sapphire Preferred – 40,000 Ultimate Reward points

Application Link – Chase Ink Bold – 50,000 Ultimate Reward points

Application Link – Chase Ink Plus – 50,000 Ultimate Reward points

Application Link – Chase Freedom – 20,000 points

Application Link – Chase Marriott – 40,000 point and $150 statement credit

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  • The way I read that text is basically that you can’t have gotten the bonus is 24 months, not having the card. So if you closed it 2 years after getting the bonus, you can get it again. Right?

    • That is exactly the way I have read it. So, someone who got the bonus 24 months ago but canceled just before the annual fee was due should still be eligible because it has been 24 months since the bonus was awarded.

  • Shocked that this isn’t getting more publicity. Nothing else on twitter or any other blogs I follow. Great news!

    • It might be that Chase really does not like when their affiliates talk about churning. I am not one of their affiliates so I can write about it.:) Plus, it has probably only changed in the last couple of weeks. Hope people get in on it!

    • It’s not getting publicity because this has been around FOREVER. Ask anyone who has ever churned cards the Chase rule was never enforced. Find some better blogs to read because apparently this guy is an amateur churner.

  • This is from the stupidest posts I’ve ever seen inline in my entire life, you are so far from this CC game it’s scary. Chase NEVER enforced their once in a lifetime rule. My wife and I each had the sapphire card 4X times this year, your hear me, 4X and every single time we got the bonus. Nice try but apparently this is not your area of expertise.

    • You certainly cannot speak in exclusive words like “NEVER” when you have no idea how Chase has dealt with all of their customers. I have never been able to get a repeat bonus neither have have many others. Glad it did not apply to you, but that does not mean others had that happen.

      • I’m sorry you’ve had trouble but no one I know ever had an issue. The only issue were if you applied for a card that was attached to a FF program then you couldn’t get it again unless you put in a new FF#. Chase Sapphire Chase Freedom and Chase Ink were always repeatable unlimited amount of times. If you got approved you got the bonus. End of story.

        • Nope, not true. Many people have received the card and then told after that they were not eligible for the bonus since they already had the card. Besides, it is news that Chase has changed the terms for it. So, now all those who have not received the bonus again can get it with a leg to stand on. Btw, one of the cards the bonus was denied on was the CSP.

  • The link for Marriott is terrible. The current link for anyone is 70,000 points, a free night at cat.
    1-4 hotel, & you only have to spend $1000! Why would anyone use this link?

    • Yes, the 70,000 point offer is definitely better but that card does not have the same language to allow for churning. This is the only Marriott card to offer that in the terms so if someone has already had a Marriott card, this link gives people the opportunity to get it again.