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Stacked Promos: Get Cheaper Hyatt Award Stays By Combining These Two Promos

Written by Charlie

Using these promos, you can pay a cheaper, fixed price for award stays at all categories. This is a great way to get some expensive hotels for much less!

If you are traveling anytime before October 8 this year, here are some reasons you may want to stay at Hyatt hotels! You don’t have points right now? No problem! Here are two promos where you can combine them to get some cheaper award stays!

Stacked Hyatt Promos = Cheaper Award Stays

15-25% Back on Your Redeemed Points

I just wrote a little while ago about this new, special Hyatt promo going on. You can read in greater detail about it here but, here are the highlights you need to know:

  • If you have the Hyatt credit card, you will get 25% of your redeemed points back
  • If you do not have the Hyatt credit card, you will get 15% of your redeemed points back
  • This works for all stays from July 8 – October 8, 2020

Ok, now that you see the meat of the deal (and make sure you visit this post to get the links to register for the promo to get the points back!), let’s move on to the other part of this stacked deal.

Buy Hyatt Points with 30% Bonus

Link: Link: Buy Hyatt Points (this is an affiliate link that supports the site – thanks for the support!)

Right up front – this is definitely not the best offer we have seen. The best has a 40% bonus but a 30% bonus isn’t shabby either. Instead, it makes Hyatt points cost you just 1.84 cents per point. With Hyatt points, I find it quite easy for me to get at least 2 cents per point in value out of them so this gives a bit of an edge.

You can buy them at this price (any amount of 5,000 points or more kicks in the 30% bonus) until July 29. If you max it out, you can buy 55,000 points in a year. That would cost you a total of $1,315 for 71,500 points.

Stacking Them Together for Bigger Savings

So, when you put a deal with a rebate on used points together with points that can be bought with a bonus, it translates to stays that could be “bought” for much less than actual paid rates. Here is how this works out with each category – if you have the Hyatt credit card (if you don’t see the table below this one):

Remember that the price shown is after the rebate is received – that takes 6-8 weeks for those points to be received back in your account. The price shown is after buying Hyatt points with the 30% bonus and after the rebate on points has been received.

Hotel CategoryCost in PointsCash Cost for the Points After Rebate

Here is the table in cost if you do not have the Hyatt credit card:

Hotel CategoryCost in PointsCash Cost for the Points After Rebate

Even under the old 40% bonus, you are still saving some good money by using these two promos, especially if you have a Hyatt credit card!

Things to Take Notice Of

Here are a few things to remember before you jump in:

  • Only buy points if you have a specific use for them and can use them before October 8 to take advantage of these promos
  • You are capped at buying 55,000 Hyatt points in a calendar year
  • You are capped at getting back 30,000 Hyatt points with the 15% bonus and 30,000 points with the cardholder bonus for a total of 60,000 points – per transaction
  • Remember to check actual cash rates to make sure you are getting a better deal this way, especially when you factor in the various earnings you can make with earning Hyatt points and credit card points
  • Remember you do not get your points back for 6-8 weeks later
  • Remember that your preferred hotel may not have award nights available
Example – Park Hyatt New York

Again, check each hotel you are interested in on your own to see what nightly rates are and if there is award availability. But, here is one example how this could be a great deal!

The Park Hyatt New York costs 30,000 points per night. Using this stacking of deals, you would end up paying $414 for an award night.

Here is the cost, after taxes, using the member 20% discount rate!

Bottom Line

If you stack these two promos, it means you are looking at fixed prices for all the Hyatt categories. While $550 per night is still expensive, there are some Category 8 properties that cost more than double that per night! Even places like the Park Hyatt in NY (Category 7) would be a steal at the price you would get with points through these promos!

But, only do this if you feel comfortable with these promos!

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Charlie has been an avid traveler and runner for many years. He has run in marathons around the world for less than it would cost to travel to the next town - all as a result of collecting and using miles and points. Over the years, he has flown hundreds of thousands of miles and collected millions of miles and points.
Now he uses this experience and knowledge to help others through Running with Miles.


  • Also, if you are Hyatt elite (including Discoverist through the CC) and haven’t stayed since June 15, I believe the Bonus Journeys promo will stack as well (earn 2,500 points on your first stay, including free nights).

    I’m staying at a Cat 2 in August for 2 nights for 9,500 points net.

  • 1 more good option is if one has lots of chase points . Transfer chase to hyatt and then redeem them for a 15 to 25% off awards . Better then buying with the 30% bonus.

    • True, but that would always be the case (thanks for pointing it out, though!) and I wanted to show how people that may not have points to use with Hyatt could get a fixed rate. Also, this makes those Hyatt points cost, in the end, 1.38 cents each. I will buy all day at that rate instead of transferring Chase points since I have the Sapphire Reserve and can pay myself back for various spending at 1.5 cents per point or redeem directly for travel at that rate.

      • No, the reason you said to buy points is because your affiliate link in the article pays you money when people buy points. You don’t get paid when people transfer their UR points to Hyatt.

    • Ok, Joe. Did you miss where I clearly identified that it was an affiliate link? I said that because the whole point of the post was showing how these two promos work together – I don’t care if people buy through it or not. Nice of you to stop in for a troll though.

    • Sorry, wrong numbers! Should have said that, when using the points during this rebate promo, it could end up costing an effective rate of 1.47 cents each for cardholders – 1.84 cents with the 30% bonus and then the rebate would add to the points total bringing the total cost down to 1.47 cents. Did I do it right this time? 🙂

  • I don’t believe you included the free parking that comes with the points promo. That’s could be an additional $15-$50 of value depending on hotel.