Southwest Launches International Sale From $59

Written by Charlie

This Southwest sale will carry you to international destinations from only $59! With many cold months included in the sale, you can get to some great cities for cheap!


Along with the regular Southwest sale comes another sale – one for international destinations. It is true that Southwest does not service international locations like Europe and Asia (how cool would that be – taking the Companion Pass to even more value!).

Southwest Launches International Sale From $59

Link: International Sale from $59

Sale Details:

  • Book from July 11 through July 27, 2017, 11:59 p.m. in the respective time zone of the originating city.
  • Travel from August 22 through December 13, 2017.
  • Black out dates: Sale fares from international destinations blacked out November 28, 2017.
  • International travel is valid only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Here is a list of cities with this international sale:

From Aruba, Aruba To Orlando, FL starting at $194 or 8,784 points one-way

From Atlanta, GA

To Cancun, Mexico starting at $170 or 8,208 points one-way

To Punta Cana, DO starting at $208 or 10,656 points one-way

From Austin, TX To Cancun, Mexico starting at $175 or 8,568 points one-way

From Baltimore/Washington, MD To Cancun, Mexico starting at $209 or 11,016 points one-way

From Belize City, Belize

To Ft. Lauderdale, FL starting at $145 or 2,880 points one-way

To Houston (Hobby), TX starting at $204 or 7,128 points one-way

From Cabo San Lucas/Los Cabos, MX

To Denver, CO starting at $199 or 8,856 points one-way

To Los Angeles, CA starting at $157 or 5,904 points one-way

To Oakland, CA starting at $174 or 7,128 points one-way

From Cancun, Mexico

To Atlanta, GA starting at $183 or 8,208 points one-way

To Austin, TX starting at $188 or 8,568 points one-way

To Baltimore/Washington, MD starting at $224 or 11,016 points one-way

To Chicago (Midway), IL starting at $203 or 9,576 points one-way

To Denver, CO starting at $227 or 11,232 points one-way

To Houston (Hobby), TX starting at $168 or 7,128 points one-way

From Chicago (Midway), IL

To Cancun, Mexico starting at $189 or 9,576 points one-way

From Denver, CO

To Cabo San Lucas/Los Cabos, MX starting at $179 or 8,856 points one-way

To Cancun, Mexico starting at $212 or 11,232 points one-way

To Puerto Vallarta, MX starting at $179 or 8,856 points one-way

From Ft. Lauderdale, FL

To Belize City, Belize starting at $69 or 2,880 points one-way

To Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands starting at $59 or 2,160 points one-way

To Havana, Cuba starting at $99 or 3,240 points one-way

To Montego Bay, Jamaica starting at $121 or 3,456 points one-way

To Nassau, Bahamas starting at $69 or 2,880 points one-way

To Providenciales, Turks and Caicos starting at $69 or 2,880 points one-way

To Punta Cana, DO starting at $129 or 4,968 points one-way

To San Jose, Costa Rica starting at $99 or 3,888 points one-way

From Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands To Ft. Lauderdale, FL starting at $135 or 2,160 points one-way

From Havana, Cuba

To Ft. Lauderdale, FL starting at $105 or 3,240 points one-way

To Tampa, FL starting at $105 or 3,240 points one-way

From Houston (Hobby), TX

To Belize City, Belize starting at $128 or 7,128 points one-way

To Cancun, Mexico starting at $155 or 7,128 points one-way

To Liberia, Costa Rica starting at $165 or 8,568 points one-way

To Mexico City, Mexico starting at $100 or 3,168 points one-way

To Puerto Vallarta, MX starting at $155 or 7,128 points one-way

To San Jose, Costa Rica starting at $143 or 7,056 points one-way

From Liberia, Costa Rica To Houston (Hobby), TX starting at $195 or 8,568 points one-way

From Los Angeles, CA

To Cabo San Lucas/Los Cabos, MX starting at $138 or 5,904 points one-way

To Puerto Vallarta, MX starting at $145 or 6,408 points one-way

From Mexico City, Mexico To Houston (Hobby), TX starting at $126 or 3,168 points one-way

From Montego Bay, Jamaica To Ft. Lauderdale, FL starting at $159 or 3,456 points one-way

From Nassau, Bahamas To Ft. Lauderdale, FL starting at $154 or 2,880 points one-way

From Oakland, CA

To Cabo San Lucas/Los Cabos, MX starting at $155 or 7,128 points one-way

To Puerto Vallarta, MX starting at $155 or 7,128 points one-way

From Orlando, FL To Aruba, Aruba starting at $161 or 8,784 points one-way

From Providenciales, Turks and Caicos To Ft. Lauderdale, FL starting at $145 or 2,880 points one-way

From Puerto Vallarta, MX

To Denver, CO starting at $199 or 8,856 points one-way

To Houston (Hobby), TX starting at $174 or 7,128 points one-way

To Los Angeles, CA starting at $164 or 6,408 points one-way

To Oakland, CA starting at $174 or 7,128 points one-way

From Punta Cana, DO

To Atlanta, GA starting at $261 or 10,656 points one-way

To Ft. Lauderdale, FL starting at $168 or 4,968 points one-way

From San Jose, Costa Rica

To Ft. Lauderdale, FL starting at $128 or 3,888 points one-way

To Houston (Hobby), TX starting at $172 or 7,056 points one-way

From Tampa, FL To Havana, Cuba starting at $99 or 3,240 points one-way

Remember that you will pay extra fees when you are traveling to foreign countries so keep that in mind when you use points (the fees are already in the regular ticket price and are added to the point redemption).

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Now he uses this experience and knowledge to help others through Running with Miles.

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