Social Media Gold: Ryanair Mocks British Airways and Gets Ripped Up in Return

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Written by Charlie

Watch what happened when Ryanair tried to troll British Airways on their mistake. The whole exchange is simply social media gold!

I am sure many of you have heard about what happened earlier this week with a British Airways flight. If you haven’t yet, the pilots mistakenly took the plane to Edinburgh, Scotland instead of Dusseldorf, Germany, thanks to an incorrect flight plan that was loaded. Yeah, that isn’t a very nice thing to have happen for sure!

Social Media Gold: Ryanair Mocks British Airways and Gets Ripped Up in Return

Well, Ryanair thought they would have some fun about it so tweeted this out:

Yeah, pretty funny until you think about the fact that this is RYANAIR doing the trolling. You know the saying about glass houses and all! Well, there were plenty of Twitter users that were completely happy to throw some rocks back. Having been a recipient of some of Ryanair’s ridiculous flight handling this year myself, I could definitely have contributed as well (even worse for these folks). Here were some of my favorite responses:

The whole thread is just hilarious! I am sure that it was even funnier for the British Airways social media team as they got to sit back and let Ryanair just get hammered in response!

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  • I dunno. BA could definitely be trolled for all kinds of things as a result of their trying to become a ULCC, at least in services offered. Ryanair may charge you for hot water as well, but at least their prices are cheap, just as one example.

    • Oh, I definitely am with you on that. I just found it very humorous that Ryanair was the one that got hit more on this one, even though it was originally about BA’s mistake.