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The Elimination of Signatures for Credit Cards Starts…Tomorrow

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The elimination of signatures for credit card transactions will begin tomorrow, April 13. This means you should have a more streamlined experience at most retailers throughout the US as the card issuers will no longer require signatures.

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Last year, we heard that the credit card issuers were planning on finally getting rid of the requirement for signatures for credit card transactions. To be honest, that was too long in coming for this “security” step for transactions. Fortunately, that elimination of signatures for transactions will start tomorrow in the US – April 13.

The Elimination of Signatures for Credit Cards Starts…Tomorrow

If you have spent any time traveling in Europe, you know how much you stick out when you go to use your credit card and you tell them you don’t have a pin for your credit card (cards like the Barclays Arrival do have pins). They know right away you are an American as they have you scribble your signature and everyone behind you in line wonders what you are doing. 🙂

The signature step for transactions is really not necessary for security at all anymore, especially since most people just scribble on receipts anyway. If you are signing on a screen, it is even worse! Fortunately, many retailers have not required signatures on transactions under $50 for quite a while. But, as of tomorrow, many credit cards themselves will no longer require those signatures!

What You Need to Know

Starting April 13, American Express, Discover, and Mastercard will eliminate the requirement for signatures. Visa is set to halt the signature at the end of this month.

Now, that does not mean that you instantly will not need to sign anymore. It will be up to retailers to decide if they want to require it. For merchants that use Square, that requirement will still be in place. But, large retailers like Walmart and Target said they plan on removing the requirement this month.

But, do not think that you will get the excellent chip-and-pin feature on your cards! If you are in Europe, you will likely still need to sign for your transactions. This elimination is largely concentrated in the US with some adding it for Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

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  • I am an American but have a Canadian credit card for 2 purposes, to pay for things in Canada and to have a PIN. That way, if I eat at a restaurant, the wait staff won’t think “that is an ugly American that just ate, what a shit head”.

    • @DAVE. You mean the same America that guarantees stability in the world and has blessed the world with the most significant innovations of the last two centuries. Yes so ugly. You’re a loser. I wore my MAGA shirt and cowboy hat in Paris and loved every minute of it. America First.

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